Elisa's Mission

Elisa’s mission is for you to fall madly in love with your Soul.  After meeting her own Soul during an out-of-body experience, she found her life’s purpose–to help others find their own personal, all-loving and always-present guide to help navigate daily life. Using her background as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with her psychic abilities, Elisa merges psychology with modern-day mysticism to help you remember and reunite with the loving Source of your being.


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Elisa's Blog

We all need stories. Stories are what connect us to each other and to all of humanity. Parables, in particular, are important stories which reveal depth and universal meaning. The parable that I share with you today is one of my favorite and addresses the discomfort, insecurity and short-sightedness we feel as humans trapped in a limited and material-based reality. As a medium, I speak daily...
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Tamed: A Poem About Wildness

Posted March 7, 2016 in Parenting
Tamed I am in labor. And I am scared. And I am terrified. And I can’t seem to think Or stop thinking about how this baby is going to have to come out of my body.   I breathe through the contractions Or the contractions breathe through me.   Control and Surrender are locked in battle each with a plan to destroy.   And I tell...
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