Elisa's Mission

Elisa’s mission is for you to fall madly in love with your Soul.  After meeting her own Soul during an out-of-body experience, she found her life’s purpose–to help others find their own personal, all-loving and always-present guide to help navigate daily life. Using her background as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with her psychic abilities, Elisa merges psychology with modern-day mysticism to help you remember and reunite with the loving Source of your being.


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Elisa's Blog

This morning I watched a channeler, (deceived by a false light being), ‘transmit’ a message from Mary Magdalene to encode humanity with a light activation to assist in the ascension process. As she began to speak I felt waves of confusion, sadness, and then disgust come over my body. Was I being ‘judgmental’? I checked in--No, I was actually fucking heartbroken. This is the...
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Love IS Color

Posted July 8, 2016 in Blog, Healing / Self Care
In the wake of all the horrifying news of racial violence I have been seeing a bunch of "I don't see color" and "# all lives matter" social media posts. Yes, for sure, we are Souls having a human experience--but it is serious spiritual bypassing to pretend that being brown/black does not significantly increase your chances of being beaten and/or killed--BECAUSE OF COLOR. So humans, we...
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