A Conversation with Danica Patrick

Posted May 6, 2020 in Blog, The Soul & Life Purpose

Episode 13 : A Conversation with Danica Patrick

We are thrilled to share our next episode of Holy & Human with our very first guest, Danica Patrick. Danica is a globally recognizable race car driver who succeeded in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports. Although she is well-known, what you may not know about Danica is that she is, at heart, a true mystic. Danica’s natural curiosity and drive has caused her to seek a relationship with life beyond the physical plane. Danica traveled to the Soul Barn where we recorded this beautiful, organic, conversation about how she met and connected to her Soul, Lucy. Danica is a perfect messenger of Soul, making this often confusing and invisible world relatable through her grounded and thoughtful perspective. This intimate conversation is filled with examples of Danica’s courage to go beyond the conventional and know truth and Soul directly.


  • Why is truth and the path of consciousness scary for many people?
  • How Danica met her Soul, Lucy, the solace it has brought her & how she connects to Her now
  • The meaning of synchronicities & how they support the path of Soul
  • What it means to be a sommelier of the energetic world
  • How to develop courage to trust your own unique path
  • How your vibe attracts your tribe and life experiences
  • An in-the-moment conversation with Danica’s Soul, with a heart-felt message for listeners

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