Mark Morford

“You want soft and gentle? You want some sweet pampering for your meager soul, a warm New Age hug from a kindly energy worker who will soothe what ails you, tell you you’re about to meet your One True Love, great wealth is just around the corner and you look totally awesome in those jeans, even though you don’t? Great. Look elsewhere.

But if you want insights by the heart-load, some juicy, needful slaps across the ass of your karma, and a wake-up call to your deeper self from a reader who’s fiery, feisty, funny, no bullshit, powerful and lucid in all the right ways, well, look no further. Romeo’s your girl.

Sit up straight. Close your eyes. Answer her questions from your heart. Then listen closely as she dials straight into your particular wavelength, into the true nature of things, to let you see it all in a way you sort of already sensed, but couldn’t quite access with the same “Aha!” power that Elisa can. You are very nearly guaranteed to see things differently after a single session. You will certainly never forget it. Your karma will thank you.”

opinion columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate, author of The Daring Spectacle, and kiss-ass Yogi
Kasey Crown

“Elisa’s presence and participation in my life is among the greatest blessings I have ever received. After an introduction by my sister-in-law I had my first reading in the fall of 2010. I have worked with her every week since and the impact has been profound. Never before have I experienced working with someone who offers the perfect balance between holding a space for me to learn and challenging me to develop my own capacities for receiving and listening to guidance. I have always been both scientific and spiritual, a believer in the invisible and a curious metaphysician but also a skeptic looking tirelessly for verification and truth. Elisa is the divine warrior goddess who has lovingly and empathically led me to the bridge. She has helped me to feel secure in this world of polarities and encouraged me to use my own sight as a tool for discernment and clarity. Elisa has more patience with me than I do for myself. She leaves me feeling relieved and understood after every piece of work that we do together. When I think about Elisa, her creativity, her impeccable vision and intuition, her humor, kindness, strength and love–I am reminded that there are no mistakes in this world, that there is a beautifully orchestrated plan unfolding and that I am so blessed to be apart of the world she inhabits.

All my love and gratitude, a most indebted student and friend,”

Therapist & Mama

“The most important thing I’ve learnt in this lifetime is to connect with my soul. Elisa Romeo is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend a “soul session” with her. Watch her videos first…and even better read her book. Connecting with your soul and being in alignment with your soul truth is the key. Theres not much else to it! 3 words to describe my work with Elisa = Divine Game Changer”


“How often is one person a clairvoyant, energy worker, and counselor? These gifts Elisa has nurture the whole body system: spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. She is a healer, and she has revived all four quadrants. I’ve always known my ancestral spirit circle exists, but now I have a guide who walks Mother Earth with me, and I have access to her when I need her. Elisa is a spiritual mother. My life has changed, I’m healthier and happier, and realize now more than ever, these are choices. She has taught me to recognize and acknowledge hardships and unhealthy patterns as nothing less than soul lessons that will repeat until I eliminate the very reasons they exist. She has equipped me with courage to identify and face lessons, and walk through them. Freedom for me the past six months translates to owning my truth, and knowing that I am reaching my higher self. During my first session with Elisa, she balanced my energy field. As someone who is ultra sensitive to the energy of others, even strangers, Elisa taught me exercises that have been effective in controlling the energy I allow in my space. I work one on one with teenagers every day. After seeing clients through their concerns, I would be left energetically with their emotions. This was taxing. Now in my professional life, as well as my personal life, I control my energy; how much I give, how much I consume. I’m balanced. Prior to Elisa, it was difficult for me to make decisions and trust them. I would ask others their opinions and weigh their advice against my own. Friendly advice is appreciated, but since Elisa has taught me how to listen to *my* Soul (voice), now when I need to resolve something, I go inward. There is nothing more empowering than knowing that my own soul will answer any question I have, truthfully and specifically for me and my path. I thankfully learned to identify and tune the voices, and now, my soul leads. My mother, 3000 miles away, even credits Elisa for the changes I represent.

I have chronic lower back pain due to spinal fusion surgery in 8th grade, and since we talked, it’s gone! THANK YOU!

Seattle, WA
Heather B. Allison

“I don’t even know where to start… This past year my world, my mind, my soul has opened in ways I never imagined. ‘Tapping in’ to my intuition, my higher self, the energies that surround us, started fairly organically — I think I’ve always had a bit of a tendency toward that kind of sensitivity — but Elisa’s book, guidance, and the work and exploration I’ve done with her, have grown that potential by leaps and bounds. My connection with life, love, and light is richer and fuller than it has ever been, and continues to expand with Elisa’s encouragement.

That made it sound like this all so serious and intense, but I think what I love most about Elisa is what a RIOT she is to work with. She brings a saucy sense of humor and playful lightness to her readings, and makes even the most far-out concepts easily digestible by us ‘normal’ folk.

But don’t think she’s just all fun and games — this girl has given me some of the hardest truths and pushed me in ways that made me want to behave like a pouty, impertinent child. But she does it with love, she does it knowing it’s no more and no less than you can handle, and — most importantly — she does it with the certainty that your soul and your path won’t settle for less.”

Heather B. Allison
Jessica Sue Burstein

I’ll never forget the feeling after my first session with Elisa. I finally felt understood. I took a walk around the neighborhood. I realized that I would never look at the world and my story in the same way. She was able to help me see My reality. And it is powerful and beautiful. She helped lead me to my internal lover and warrior and gave me the skills to interact with other healers. She respects Soul. Plus she has a sense of humor and she’s fun to talk to. I want to enjoy my path and let’s face it this shit can be hard. Sometimes a good laugh and a new perspective is what I need.

My life has grown spiritually and immensely through my work with Elisa. However, what I most respect about her is her ability and suggestion to let me go at it alone. I feel like she truly cares and honors my path. She wants me to spread my wings and fly. I’ve learned to see through many veils. I am letting go of approval from anyone, including Elisa (at her suggestion), only listening to my soul.

Elisa is a truly gifted psychic, teacher and healer. I’ve been to psychics before and had to call Elisa to check in about what they said: what was true for me and what was their projection. Elisa is real, open and willing to go there. She shows you how to check in and see what is True for you.

Elisa supported me from inception to completion of my soul project: CHICKEN, a multiple award-winning short film. She believed in me when it was just a seed of an idea. For this I will be eternally grateful. She taught me how to see the world differently. Through my SOUL eyes. My life has become more allowing–less pushing; Now that I listen.

Two words: Spiritual Discernment. A spiritual revolution is happening. It’s even more important now than ever to what is in alignment with your path here and what is not. The only way to do this is to listen. Really Listen to that big, small voice inside: your Soul. It’s not always words. Sometimes it’s an image, a sign, a feeling, a resonance, a knowing… Elisa can tell when you are speaking from this place. And most importantly she taught me how to tell myself.

Jessica Sue Burstein
Jane Dobson House

Elisa has true intuitive gifts and I have been wanting to share her for a long, long time with my students and friends.

She makes you want to believe in your own experience because she’s believing in hers.”

Jane Dobson House
MA Counseling in Depth Psychology, Yogi of Embodiment
Jen Whalen

“Elisa came highly recommended by an old friend who has worked with her for years. I was at a crossroads in my work as a coach, looking for a new teacher/mentor to help me navigate working as a guide for others, while still prioritizing my growing family and personal adventures. I was noticing it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to “hold” all of those pieces together and felt like something had to shift. What amazed me most about my first call with Elisa was that instead of jumping in to be that kind of teacher for me, she lovingly pointed out that my Soul was the one I was waiting for. She has served as an incredibly insightful and trustworthy guide for me as I’ve engaged in this essential relationship with myself during the past year. I am consistently blown away by the power of our conversations and how an hour call with her can leave me feeling limitless and joyful while simultaneously the most grounded I’ve ever been. Elisa has offered me (both in our calls and through her book) amazing tools to clear and maintain my own energy field that have literally transformed some of the most important relationships in my life and my ability to effectively serve others in my work. If there is any part of you that feels curious about what this work is about, trust that intuition and set up a call now… and get ready to be rocketed forward in the adventure of your life.”

Jen Whalen
Soulful Mama and Founder of True North Adventures
Nirmala Nataraj

“Working with Elisa was a turning point for me. Not only is she a gifted psychic, she is also incredibly humble and much more interested in giving her clients tools to connect with their own inner knowing rather than wowing them with predictions or plying them with advice that does not take into account the nuances of their situation, as well as the underlying patterns and root causes of their problems.”

Nirmala Nataraj
Writer, Editor & Tarot Priestess
Dusti Vantilborg

“When I first chatted with Elisa I instantly felt like I had found a long lost friend, a mate to my Soul. I quickly learned that she was the kind of friend that see’s through your illusions and calls you on your bullshit. Who only stands for you standing in your greatness. The kind of friend you know you can trust to have your back, even when you don’t have it yourself. Elisa has a way of holding a space filled with unconditional Love and acceptance. In this space, I feel fully witnessed. I feel safe to navigate my way through any untruths that are keeping me from experiencing my true nature and full potential. She see’s and trusts the inner workings of my Soul, offering up tools and guidance to help me align with these inner workings, igniting my Divine Fire. Working with Elisa has given me the opportunity to have a deeper experience in:

  • Self-Love and Acceptance
  • Softening into my true nature, Feminine
  • Trusting in it All.
  • Living with Soul authority and less with external authority
  • Groundedness like never before.
  • Big Love
  • Grace
  • Humility

But above all of these, my connection with my Soul. I have Big Love for Elisa and I am eternally grateful for the Soul Work she does and guides us in.”

Dusti Vantilborg
bodyworker & healer
Andrew Fisher
“A few years ago, I experienced simultaneous traumas that quickly exposed the fundamental question I had unwittingly danced around throughout my life: Do I really want to live? In my darkest hour, I recognized the truth was YES… and it was terrifying. Now I had no wiggle room, I couldn’t say “fuck it” anymore, and I was a writhing mess. It was from that place that I called out to Elisa. Her response was surprising, simple, and direct: “Andrew, I am happy for you; if you weren’t feeling this pain, you wouldn’t learn what you need to learn.” She was right, and I knew it immediately. Immensely relieved, this simple nudge helped unlock the opportunity for transformation. From that point forward, Elisa was a primary resource in my healing and learning. I could not be more grateful for the process and her role in it: self-trust and an open heart have largely replaced desperation and self-doubt. And perhaps her most skillful trick was not taking credit for it.

Things I now know about Elisa as an energy worker:

  • She provides clear, precise information gathered from experience and psychic capacities.
  • She does the requisite work to keep her channels open and her energy clean.
  • Her intelligence, candor, and humor help transmit what comes through.

The funny thing is, I used to think this psychic stuff was hogwash. Now, limitations are less interesting. Instead I find myself humble before a majestic world and receptive to that which resonates, inspires, and seems helpful. Elisa played a giant role in this transformation. Her work flows from her essential search for truth: she listens intently, is rigorously self-reflective, and perhaps most importantly, courageously (and gracefully) honors truth above all else. She helped me see the true light in my darkness and from that opening, everything changed. I may have excessive respect for her, but such is the luxury of liberation. Fortunately, she’s pretty good at maintaining a balanced perspective. She does her work and gets out of the way. Lucky us.I am eternally grateful”

Andrew Fisher
Yogi, Seeker, Lover of Life
Wendy Katz
Elisa’s work is the most important work we may do in our lifetime. She helped me to know how to stand in the biggest part of my Self, my Soul.There is nothing more beautiful, more potent, more meaningful then that feeling of standing with your Soul in the world.I don’t know many others, if anyone who could have held such space — for me to step fully into my bigness — in such a loving Soul-centered non-attached way. And that did not wavier over the course of a year of working with her, and in that year I experienced bigger change and transformation then any single year in my life.

Her Book; Authentic Intuition is critical. I meet people whom I work with weekly, if not daily, who require these energetic tools to step into their work in the world. (I work at a recovery center where these issues are abundant and my clients learn the tools and do the work and it transforms their life.) It transformed mine.

Elisa’s, “Meet Your Soul” retreat was a journey unto itself. The biggest thing I can say about her retreat is this — it was deeply transformative. Prepare to be held and loved by your Soul as you are; to witness Grace in a body and to have your life utterly transformed. I’m not really sure how to express what happened these couple days, weeks or this past year.

I’ve never witnessed the feminine held in such a way that spiritual feels oh so human and oh so humane. That most perfect merger — spirit and body. Deeply Loving. Thank you for living True. Your Truth — Love. it’s taught me so much about my Self. about Her. I don’t know that a year in my life has ever been so changing – so impactful.”

Wendy Katz
therapist & healer
Vanessa Samp
“Elisa is just the probably one of the most grounded yet spiritually alive and aware persons I have ever met. I always wanted to receive a reading but the opportunity never really presented itself. The stars must have known when this would be most useful to me because there Elisa was! My reading was one of the most synchronistic moments in my life. She touched on things I had forgotten that revealed themselves months or a year later even. Her method was realistic and insightful… And most of all I felt I was encouraged to explore my own intuition.
To feel connected to the universe, to be reminded of that!

Thanks Elisa, it’s always magical being around her. It’s true.”

Vanessa Samp
Artist/Designer at Ancient Pocket
Anton Mackey
“I first experienced Elisa’s beautiful energy by listening to her radio pod cast. Her voice and words seemed so authentic and true. She sounded like someone who I could hang out with and call a friend! Soon after, my wife Dusti, had a “Soul Session” and received some breath-taking guidance. Of course I had to experience her for myself. In my first session Elisa so kindly and wisely helped me discover some of the personality traits/energetic blockages that have been holding me back from living a more grounded, happy, and soulful life. Over the course of just two sessions I was given useful tools to deepen my connection to my highest self. Knowing that she has the ability and intention to help me and everyone else live a more spiritual life, my wife and several friends made the trip to her first retreat. Needless to say this experience was ground breaking for me and my spiritual practice. I am forever grateful for Elisa and her intuitive ability. Without her guidance and insight I would not be so deeply routed in my path of spiritual growth and soul connection.

“Elisa Romeo’s readings and book, Energetic Codependency, have helped me to tune in to my True Voice and to make amazing changes in my life in a very short period of time. I have spent years doing everything I could to drown out my truth, not realizing that living in accordance with it would be so beautiful. I am so very grateful for her and for her ability to cut directly to the truth. I am now embarking on my authentic life simply by listening to my Soul Voice. Thank you, Elisa, for helping me hear Her.”

“I feel more myself today than ever before. What’s nice (and new!) since our session together is that I have been able to give myself permission to do just what I want to do (or what I need to do, how I want to do it) from moment to moment–something as simple as fluffing throw pillows–without feeling the guilt of not doing something that would be of more value to someone else. I am just so satisfied. It is wonderful. I hope this perspective won’t go away. It is like I am looking at the world from a easy chair, instead of from an electric chair.

I had always thought there was medication for this…glad the universe prescribed you instead.

Thank you for “going there” with me.”

Jennifer Michelle Long
“Experiencing Elisa Romeo, is an unforgettable and mystifying experience. She has an extremely potent and miraculous gift if you are willing to listen. She not only helps you see your soul self from a higher and loving angle, but allows access and validation of unseen and multidimensional levels. She is a miracle worker, and I am grateful to have had the honor of connecting with this goddess!”

Jennifer Michelle Long
Jennifer Wasson
“It’s hard to describe a reading, because honestly I don’t think that we have words for a lot of what goes on. But metaphorically, let’s say that we’re all novice photographers. During a reading, you get this incredible new lens to view the world with. You don’t understand how to use the lens that well, but when you look through it, you sense the magnificence. And suddenly you’re interpreting messages from your body and your mind in unfamiliar ways. You feel all excited and nervous and tingly at the same time. And when the reading is over, you still have this cool lens. You might not feel comfortable using it on your own (and tuck it away in the camera bag), or you might start shooting with it every day.”

Jennifer Wasson
Elisa will be your soul’s BFF, until you become your own soul’s BFF. I’ve studied and experienced various forms of spirituality my whole life, including hardcore mystics and fluffy new agers. When I was at a crossroads of sorts in my life and feeling forlorn, I found Elisa. She helped me reconnect with my soul, which became a power source and anchor for me like no other. Understanding my soul made me feel both more grounded and more expansive than I ever had. It was like connecting the dots — and seeing what a pretty picture that made, if I do say so myself.”

Bay Area
“I have been working with Elisa for over 3 years now. I really can’t imagine where I would be at my life without her wisdom, guidance and knowledge. I feel that we crossed paths as part of my soul’s journey. I was so ready for this work and have a craving for all the wisdom, gifts and strength that she carries. She has bore witness to my deep painful work, and is sometimes the only person that will understand the depth of pain that I need to heal. She will call me out, when I am BS’ing myself and not looking at the REAL issues, and seems to know when I’m ready for a certain type of work. Through energy work, active imagination, dialoguing with my ego and my soul’s guide, I have been able to find power in my voice and surrender to life and the universe. It is so easy for me to go to the old habits, but everytime that I do, she is able to guide me back to love and the truth. I can now dialogue with soul’s guide at any given moment, and this is through a lot of disciplined and hard work with Elisa.”

Nurse Practitioner
“Elisa Romeo gave me a reading two weeks ago that was uncannily accurate. She read my energy, plugged into my aura field and was able to tell me exactly what was going on in my life. She pinpointed the major issues going on for me right now with an accuracy that was quite amazing. She then cleared my auras and my chakras, removing any blocks that were there. I slept like a baby that night; I actually slept for 12 straight hours. Elisa’s reading is still resonating with me, as she brought up huge issues that have been with me a lifetime; she brought them to light and helped me face them in order to heal them. Elisa is a blessing, her gifts are a blessing. I cannot thank her enough for her help. She gave me wise and sacred guidance at a critical turning point in my life. I am forever indebted to her.”

Carole Dunne
“Can I just tell you how differently I slept last night, how differently I woke up this morning and how differently I entered my day!

As I carefully watched the clock last night as you guided me through my healing, moving through all the clearing, grounding via angles of light… my doing my best to keep up with you (and myself – spiritually, bodily and mindfully) through each property of my very being… I released so much! AHHHHH-MAZE-ING!

I looked at my face this morning and it looks like MAC came out with a new line of products called “true essence of light” (LOL). I had to laugh as I put on, what I consider, my regular routine of make-up. No longer – so routine!

YOU are a true blessing and I am looking forward to meeting you in person one day.

Peace and Blessings to you Always and in All Ways!!”

“Elisa Romeo helps me realign my intention towards my purpose by working through conscious and subconscious blockages. I am amazed at her accuracy with picking up subtleties in psychology between myself and others in my life. Her information gives me the confidence to make the right decisions and the tools to build my spiritual path. I am so happy to have found her!”

Joyce Hu