Training & Philosophy


I graduated with a MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute–focusing on the work of Carl Jung, James Hillman and other ground-breaking depth psychotherapists.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the most trail blazing spiritual pioneers on the planet. I have personally trained with: Michael Harner (Shamanic Journeying, from The Way of the Shaman), Marion Woodman (BodySoul Rhythms® work), Stan Groff (The founder of the Transpersonal Psychology movement) and Richard Tarnas (The Passion of the Western Mind).

I am a therapist with over 9 years experience counseling individuals, families and couples. I have worked at suicide hotlines, an agency for incest survivors, at treatment centers for addiction and with high-risk teenagers in juvenile hall.

I have completed a rigorous 3-year meditation and energy work program that informs my spiritual counseling practice. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California (MFC # 47467).

My B.A. degree is from the University of Washington, with majors in Speech Communications and Psychology.


My goal is to inspire, empower and encourage. My intention is that my client leaves the session feeling hopeful, connected to their Soul and reminded why they came to earth to play.

I use my ability to see energy blueprints along with my therapeutic skills as a Marriage and Family Therapist to guide the sessions. I act as a Spiritual Midwife to help the client’s conscious ego give birth to their Soul energy, which aches to reside in conscious awareness along with the personality. Sometimes there are birthing pains along the way, but what is gained is a feeling of homecoming as you experience your life to be on purpose and uniquely your own. These sessions are not therapy but they are therapeutic. I use my Ministers license for this work  because it is outside the scope of practice for a traditional Marriage and Family Therapist. It is important to know that they Soul Sessions are not the classical therapy of my graduate program or traditional ego maintenance and functioning; but I do bring those skills, wisdom and previous experience to my current work. I would say that those pieces of me are strongly present in the sessions and influences the work in an integrative way. These sessions are inherently spiritual in nature. The work is not religious, and does not interfere if you have a current religious affiliation, but does acknowledge the reality of the invisibles that are very real and stand outside of egoic Awareness. The work is direct and experiential. It is not about belief, but direct experience.

I have no interest in converting, convincing or controlling anyone. The work is self-evident and if you are open to experiencing your Self you will feel the reality of your Soul in session. Some people are not ready for this work and I honor that as well. There is Divine Timing to who comes to me and how we work together and sometimes it is not in alignment to work together in this way. I have found that one energy session is often more practical and effective then 50 or even 100 talk therapy sessions. I do this work because I am committed to what is healing, practical and effective. Lastly, the sessions are grounded in a light heart because I believe laughter is essential on the spiritual path. The Divine is too serious a matter to take so seriously.