Anxiety as a Messenger?

Posted December 9, 2013 in Spiritual Psychology

“I’m freaking out!” “I am so overwhelmed!” “I have way too much to do!”

Anxiety tells us lots of things that do not feel very good to the body.

Anxiety produces racing heart beats, shallow breathing, raised cortisol levels, ulcers, headaches, backaches…the list goes on and on.

But I have a secret for you: anxiety is not the enemy. In fact, seeing it as the enemy may lead to more anxiety. This is common with individuals who have Agoraphobia. These people have  panic attacks at unpredictable times.  They consequently start staying at home more and more, for fear of being surprised by a panic attack while at the grocery, or in the car, driving home from work.

Yet, anxiety can actually become a friend if you learn how to speak its language.

What if anxiety is a messenger?


How can this hellacious condition actually help us? Well, anxiety may be giving you messages about how to live your life.

My first panic attack occurred while I was in college. I was a pre-law student, successful at debate and excited about becoming more like my role model at the time, Ally McBeal.

Yet, my Soul wasn’t having it. She started to whisper to me via anxiety. I was sitting, feet up, in a movie theater when my heart started to palpitate. After seeing many doctors and ruling out other medical conditions (always recommended), I began to turn inside myself. I journaled with my Soul about what all this anxiety was about.

I realized I was having a “quarter-life” crisis.   I figured out that I was really more interested in psychology, spiritual and metaphysical books on my bookshelf, than books about law. Maybe I should build a major around this interest.  The anxiety started to phase into the background. My crippling panic attacks became a thing of the past.

The Soul wants to get your attention. She wants you to live your most true and authentic self.  It would have been a waste of my gifts, it would have been painful to my Soul, if I continued down the path of becoming a lawyer.

I always encourage people to learn about anxiety and see your doctor. But deep healing can also come from turning inward and asking your Higher Self what the anxiety is trying to tell you.

Your anxiety may be telling you to live your life on purpose, to take bigger risks, to take more time for yourself, to follow your dreams, or to learn to detach from the drama around you.

Our symptoms, no matter how annoying or painful, are often jewels from the Soul that can lead us to our most beautiful life. It may be tricky to uncover the meaning, and may take some time to put the puzzle pieces together. But the journey inward is always beneficial, and pays off.

Anxiety just might be the messenger that is trying to save your life.

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  1. Justin
    Sunday, November 27th, 2016
    Interesting. Just yesterday i was wondering if you have anxiety. I think everyone has anxiety whether they realize it or not, but it is interesting that you talk about it. The first time i received direct messages from my helper (still don't know if it's my soul or not) one of the messages was "its anxiety!" i rationalized the best i could what this could mean, but at the time it was happening he likened it to the movie, war of the worlds i think, where they say it all boils down to one thing: the bacteria living in every drop of water. In that story, the bacteria is what saved mankind, so taking the metaphor literally doesn't make a lot of sense right now. However, seeing that anxiety is the embodiment of fear, perhaps he meant overcoming anxiety was what will save mankind. I have been reflecting alot on the creation story, and in the literal Hebrew translation it says that when they eat of the forbidden tree, that they will become like gods and know the difference between good and evil. In the bible that we all read, (mostly king james version) he tells them that they will surely die. In the direct translation, he tells them "a dying you will die". After eating the fruit, they immediately became AFRAID (anxiety?) and realized they were naked. Was this the dying that he reffered to, and set forth an elaborate plan to reverse the process? Even if you see the creation story as pure symbolism, it still fits. And if eating the fruit made us like gods and doing so gave us anxiety, does that mean our creator has anxiety as well? Perhaps he is able to control and channel that anxiety (which i also think is a form of energy) much better than we can, therefore it is our soul mission to learn to overcome that. Also i wonder if ego is just another embodiment of anxiety.

    Any thoughts?