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Posted February 5, 2020 in Blog, Intuitive Training

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Episode 4: Becoming Psychic

In media, psychics are often presented as new-age flakes or con artists–yet powerful stories of premonitions, ghost encounters, synchronicities or dreams which actualize, are quite common. Why are we, as a collective, so reactive to psychics and the mystical realm? Why is ‘intuition’ considered mainstream but the idea of psychics or mediums considered ‘fringe’? Who benefits if we don’t trust our own spiritual authority and intuition? In this episode, we dig into the underlying beliefs and assumptions behind our culture’s interpretation of what is and isn’t possible.  

In this episode we cover:

  • How to manage the stigma and stereotypes that come with becoming psychic
  • Self-care and how to manage additional stimulus that comes from opening psychic abilities
  • The difference between being psychic from ego versus being psychic from the Soul
  • The importance of validation, support and training on the psychic journey
  • The qualities of a good psychic reading

Links we mention in this show:
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How Elisa Began to Talk to Dead People
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About Holy & Human: 
This podcast is dedicated to those that sense more, see more, feel more and ultimately, want more. If surface-level living leaves you craving deeper meaning and purpose, join us, as we investigate what it truly means to be a Soul having a human experience. 

Bestselling author of Meet Your Soul, Elisa Romeo, is a licensed psychotherapist. Her husband, Adam Foley, had a spiritual awakening after experiencing the aftermath of a terrorist attack while living in India. Weaving the Holy with the Human, this husband and wife team are not only mystics–but parents who keep it real. 

Blending psychology and modern-day mysticism, we investigate the nitty-gritty of daily challenges, the creative process, relationship issues, parenting tips and awakening stories–all from a mystical perspective.

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