Authentic Intuition



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Authentic Intuition

(Formally Titled: Energetic Codependency.)

I am ecstatic to finally be able to offer this life-changing workbook. I’m calling it my “best of” book, (like a “best of” album) because it is filled with my favorite and most frequently used meditations, exercises, quizzes and heart-grounded content.

This book teaches you to recognize the often misinterpreted and ignored intuitive guidance that is desperately trying to help you live a full and authentic life.

I witness this issue blocking my client’s access to their Self Love in every energy reading I do. I want this book to give you the courage to be and do YOU in the world. Everyone is intuitive with access to their energetic information.

Packed with over 120 pages of rich content, transformative exercises powerful quizzes and insightful meditations, this book can change your life. Really.

This ebook is meant to be as much of an electronic download as well as an energetic one.

This book offers insight on:

  • Your energetic nature and reality which is always primary to the physical one
  • The aura and chakra system
  • The difference between codependency and energetic codependency
  • The 8 major ways we lose our energetic power
  • Quizzes to discover the ways in which you are receiving your intuitive information (So that you can recognize and advocate for your Soul Voice)
  • A Self Care plan complete with meditations, exercises and tips

My goal was to do this intensive work in a way that is fun, relatable and approachable. This is not a chore “to do” but an opportunity to BE.

“Lifting the veil does not have to be heavy lifting.”

An Excerpt from the Book:

   “When we aren’t clear about what we have to give and what we need to receive we are in the grips of codependency. When we are confused about our limits and boundaries, codependency has claimed our lives. When we lie to ourselves and others about what we can tolerate, we have traded in our own Truth to become card-carrying members of the codependency club. When we lose ownership of our authentic voice in exchange for approval and validation from others, we have purchased a ticket to the wildly popular codependency show.

   I am extremely passionate about the topic of codependency, and more accurately, Energetic Codependency, because I believe it is the number one issue that blocks us from our intuitive voice. Energetic Codependency is extremely common and mostly misunderstood. It is the result of our addiction to avoiding our Soul Selves. It takes extreme courage to hear our Soul Call, and when we fail to serve our intuition it always results in neurotic behavior. We avoid the present moment, the greatness of our potential, and the very real urgency inside which calls us into clarity. It takes energy to avoid our Soul Self, and this results in exhaustion, confusion and disconnection.

   My intention in creating this book is to help others who are ready and willing to come into energetic consciousness in their lives. I want to expose the reality of how other energies and entities influence your life, distract you from your mission, and try to numb you to sleep. In the daily battle between consciousness and unconsciousness, energetic awareness is essential for Soul Survival.”

The Introduction:

   “As a therapist, I’ve counseled addicts and families as they struggle to escape the hell that results from active addiction. As an intuitive and energy worker, I’ve helped individuals strive to free themselves from guilt, to follow their soul’s calling and to remain strong around other people’s energetic influence in their lives.
   The therapeutic community generally resists acknowledging an energetic-based reality. In response, many skilled practitioners feel the need to minimize their claim to this essential knowledge. My life has been an active study and experiment towards the marriage of these two parts of myself: energetic awareness and psychological self-inquiry. There are many amazing therapists who simultaneously infuse their practice with a grounded understanding of mental health as well as an engagement with subtle energies. What I look for in a practitioner, or when reading a text on the subject, is an intuitive sense of both.
   A therapy is impotent when it has divorced itself from engagement with the energetic realities that are alive and active in the therapeutic room. An energy practitioner who is unaware of the psychological dynamics at play in their life, or in the lives of their clients, is not only ungrounded but potentially dangerous.
   I am holding a space for us to claim ownership of the marriage between these two previously disparate realities. Only with clear and simple acknowledgment can we begin to build an accountable community and shift our culture towards the question, “What heals?”
   This work is the result of wanting to know, very deeply, my answer to this question. If you are interested in answering this yourself and are willing to be dogged in your pursuit, you have found the right book. These exercises have the power to heal and transform your life.
   This workbook is not a straightforward approach to working on codependency issues. If you are living with an addict or suffer from active addiction, you can find many recommendations for further reading in the Resources section of this book. If you are unfamiliar with the topic of codependency, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the term using those sources. And if you struggle with codependency in your life, I recommend finding a CODA (Codependents Anonymous) meeting to attend in your area.
   While the information in this book can help recovering codependents, it is wise to first get a grasp on how codependency directly affects your material life before examining it from the energetic perspective. While codependents are also energetic codependents, not all energetic codependents will match the characteristics, or the more narrow definition, of codependency. In other words, they are related but also very different.
   I have often wished I could refer my clients to a book that truly defines energetic codependency. When working on these topics I found much written on codependency and energy work, but almost nothing on the topic of energetic codependency. I termed the phrase ‘energetic codependency’ when I noticed the overlap of my energetic work and my therapeutic work. It’s wonderful there is so much material that details working with subtle energies. But none of these specifically focus on how we lose power in relationships on an energetic level. I want this book to address the intersection of where energetic hygiene and psychological boundaries meet.
   My paramount concern is that which is most healing, efficient and practical. I have developed these tools while working with many clients over the years and have found them to be extremely useful when dealing with the complex energetics of relationship codependency.
   My aim is to provide an overview of the ways we lose our authentic power. No person or entity can invade your energetic space if there is not permission, even unconsciously, to do so. It takes honest self-inquiry to get clear about how we are leaking our power and opening our boundaries to predatory energies. Particularly if these leaks are outside of ego awareness and understanding, it is important to go inward and create a grounded space from which to explore.
   We are all energy workers. By nature, we engage and manage our individual energy systems and interact with the energy of others all day, every day. Most people do this unconsciously. But my hope is that this book will turn the unconscious energy worker into the conscious energy worker, awakening everyone to the very real world of the “invisibles” that exists around us. I want you to claim and live your authentic life; the world needs you and your gifts. My goal is for this book to assist you in getting the valuable information you need. And the best part is, this information exists in the energy all around you, available the moment you call upon it.
   As you read this book and awaken to the energetic world that surrounds us, you may have an emotional reaction. I’ve had clients tell me they felt angry or sad they weren’t raised in a family that was supportive of inquiry. Sometimes they feel extreme urgency to comprehend it all right away. Know that this is a process of raising consciousness and although you can immediately put the tools into practice, it may take time for lifestyle shifts and regular awareness. Reframing your life experiences can be tricky. Take it slow and go easy on yourself.
   My clients tell me this work feels like coming out of a fog. Sometimes we are disgusted as we become clear on what energetic realities have been at play in our lives. We may be shocked to discover that one of our oldest friends has been energetically sucking us dry. These types of discoveries can be uncomfortable. There is often a sense of responsibility and urgency, now this has been brought to attention, what should I do about it?
   You can make changes immediately, or give yourself time to sit with the new information. You may need time to let it percolate and come to a new engagement with the issue in an organic way. Remember, you have been an energy worker your whole life, managing energies and taking care of yourself. Now you are being given an opportunity to take even better care of yourself, to love yourself and the world a bit more clearly.
   This work often feels as though you’ve been thrust into the bright light of the sun after a long period in the dark. Here we are together, squinting at the sky on a bright sunny day. The natural reaction is to shield your eyes. But they’ll adjust before you know it, and in the meantime don’t be afraid to put on a hat and some sunglasses.
   Together we are going to walk through this journey step-by-step. We are going to define codependency, explain the nature of energetic reality, examine the truth of energetic codependency and practice the tools of energetic self-care. If you read this book and engage with even half of the included exercises, I guarantee you will come away feeling clearer, centered and empowered. Let’s get started!

I’m so happy to be reading your book. Thank you for writing it. I’m gaining so much insight. There are many things I’m learning from reading your book and I’m just thrilled. Something magical is happening to me from reading it. Thank you!!!!” — Stephanie

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