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In this groundbreaking book, therapist and intuitive Elisa Romeo, takes Soul beyond an intellectual concept and into a direct and personal relationship. Pulling from depth psychology, years of practical experience, and touching stories from clients, Elisa brings substance and gravitas—and some levity—to the topic of how to live a Soulful life.

This comprehensive, straightforward program contains effective meditations, visualizations, and inquiries to support you on the often messy, winding, and yet amusing path of discovering your Soul in modern times. Meet Your Soul not only tells you how to access your Soul connection but also preps you for some of the common obstacles you’re likely to encounter on your journey. With her kind and informed direction, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand the crucial distinction between ego, Spirit, and Soul
  • Create and cultivate a strong spiritual practice
  • Distinguish your Soul Truth from the beliefs of family, friends, and society
  • Clearly access the voice of your Soul
  • Gain awareness of the key Soul contracts in your life and discover your Divine purpose

This book helps you meet the oldest, wisest, and most loving part of yourself—the part that gives meaning and purpose to your life. Elisa shows that each of us has the capacity to hear this personal, unique guidance directly. You needn’t look outside yourself to a guru, program, or system; rather you can simply look within. Read some of the book now!



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2 Meet and Name Her Visualization

3 Ground

4 Meet Your Gremlin

5 Heart-Knowing

6 Safe Place



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  • Elisa Romeo - Meet Your Soul
  • Elisa Romeo - Meet Your Soul
  • Elisa Romeo - Meet Your Soul

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“Highly Recommended.”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

“One of the most important things that you can do in your lifetime is to connect with your Soul. In this heartfelt book, Elisa Romeo graciously takes you on a profound journey to connect with your Soul. She’s been there. She knows.”
— Denise Linn, best-selling author of Sacred Space and Soul Coaching®

“What I most appreciate about Elisa’s work is her light approach and her depth of experience and understanding. She honors the spiritual world without taking herself too seriously. This is a sign of a true teacher.”
— Jonas Elrod, writer, director, and filmmaker of In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod and Wake Up

“Meet Your Soul is a wonderful book that can profoundly support the path of honing inner guidance and discovery. Elisa shares practical and user-friendly spiritual practices that powerfully catalyze one’s ability to decode the messages of one’s own soul. If you yearn to live your life with a greater sense of wisdom and depth, then this book will help get you there. A must read for all those on the journey towards life mastery.”
— Katherine Woodward Thomas, best-selling author of Calling in “The One”

“In this lovely book, Elisa Romeo provides clear and wise guidance to help you come into a greater knowing of your soul. As you expand in your capacity to see with the eyes of your soul, your life becomes increasingly rich, magical, and filled with once-hidden meaning and purpose. Elisa offers a pathway to discover your true magnificence.”
— Robert Schwartz, hypnotist and author of Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

“Meet Your Soul felt like coming home, looking in a mirror, and rendezvousing with a dear friend. Elisa Romeo has created a simply beautiful offering. Meet Your Soul is direct, warm, and true. For those who are ready and willing to live from soul, her profound yet practical contribution through these words will be deeply felt and appreciated. How do we uplift ourselves and others? How do we change the world? We meet our own soul. It’s really as simple and straightforward as that.”
— Annie Burnside, author of Soul to Soul Parenting and From Role to Soul

“We’re in the throes of some serious depth-rivation these days, and I love how Elisa helps us pursue a deeper Subjectivity. As an artist, and as a developing soul, I know it to be one of the most important endeavors in life. I’m thankful for Elisa and her work.”
— Stuart Davis, artist and creator of Sex, God, Rock’n Roll

“This book is a must read if you’ve been feeling stuck, feeling alone, or feeling that life is just too hard. Meet Your Soul not only opens your eyes to a precious sacred part of you that is limitless, wise, loving, intuitive, and immensely healing. It offers you the inspiration, guidance, and tools needed to connect you with that sacred part—your Soul. This connection changes everything; how you live your life, how you see yourself, and how you love yourself.”
— Carol Ritberger Ph.D., author of Healing Happens With Your Help

“This book is a treasure. Guiding you into the deepest authenticity within yourself, it will help to remember that you are meant to be here and why. Clear and grounded, it takes you through the building blocks you’ll need to trust your inner guidance more concretely. Helping you to see, hear and feel your beautiful soul’s presence in your life, Meet Your Soul calls you home. This book is joyous, as a true celebration of the soul should be, and I’m thrilled to recommend it to you.”
— Gary S. Bobroff, author of Crop Circles, Jung & the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine

“Elisa Romeo’s brave and profoundly moving book is exactly what our current generation of seekers has been looking for. Her exploration of the soul takes us beyond the usual search for spirit connection and will leave readers with a foundation for personal growth that will last long after they’ve turned the last page.”
— Claire Bidwell Smith, author of The Rules of Inheritance and After This

“Meet Your Soul is a beautifully crafted work. In it Elisa Romeo offers wonderfully engaging and pragmatic guidance to overcome fear and connect to a loving source of power within. The real-life examples of Gremlin Taming she offers are sure to be of service not only to those readers invested in their own personal growth, but to self help professionals as well.”
— Rick Carson, author of Taming Your Gremlin® and A Master Class in Gremlin-Taming®

“A charming – and gently challenging – reminder of the place of the Divine in everyday life; and a liberating illustration that we are with every breath manifesting the soul.”
— Jordan Stratford, author of Living Gnosticism: An Ancient Way of Knowing