My Break up with Non Attachment

Posted January 14, 2014 in The Soul & Life Purpose

Dear Non Attachment,

It’s not you, it’s me.

Non attachment, you have done SO much for me and helped me in ways I will never forget. With your influence, I learned to sit and quiet my mind–to experience my consciousness as the Observer, and witness my thoughts with neutrality and patience.  You taught me to stop clinging to the thoughts in my mind and let the ideas float past like clouds in a summer sky. I discovered with you that I am not only my thoughts. I now know I am so much more.

I have needed you in times of crisis. I now see the perfection of the mystery in the holographic matrix unfolding before me with sheer wonder. I understand now that the physical world is not the “True or Only world”, even though it is the most obvious, and often wins my attention through pain, suffering and hunger.

You helped me reduce my stress. You lowered my blood pressure, turned down my cortisol levels and helped me to finally “go with the flow”. I appreciate your chilled-out nature, I do. Around you I always feel relaxed, spacious and mellow.

But Non attachment, I have something to tell you…I have been cheating on you with attachment.

I’m just as shocked as you. I really didn’t plan it. It began when Attachment started flirting with me. A quick glance across the room and my heart began to reawaken with long buried feelings of passion. Attachment began to plant seeds in my head…whispers of “how we are so great together” in life.

I know what you are thinking. I am being “unspiritual” and confused; it is just a matter of time until I come crawling back.

Non Attachment, I will ALWAYS be grateful to you for everything you’ve taught me. I bet that I will use your calming techniques in the future. But attachment and I are really, very happy together. And we are IN LOVE.

I know you have said that you are too unattached to care, but Non-attachment, you have this boring and lifeless way (sorry) of coming off as ANTI-attachment.  You constantly warn me of Attachment’s tendency to get overwhelmed, biased and mired in story.

But what we resist persists.

Even though you talk of acceptance, you really don’t actually accept Attachment that much.  I know you try, but the thrill is gone, Non attachment. Maybe it’s my rebellious side, but when something is presented as “off limits” I presume there must be something good about it in there somewhere.

Attachment has shown me is that there is more than one way of being attached.  I can be attached in a way where I lose myself and my heart and drown in the drama of life.

Or I can become SO attached, so in LOVE, so connected and passionate and slayed by the beauty of this earthly plane, that all of me merges with Attachment and my heart breaks open into a million pieces. I shed into the face of my original self and become bigger, stronger, the most clear I have ever felt. I love deeper than I ever knew was possible.


I become the fierce love of a mother toward her child, the desire of new roots to ground a seedling and the complete and utter desire toward LIFE from a still struggling newborn to enter the world.

I witness the dark and evil in this world but from a place of caring entirely and completely about the outcome.

I LOVE this planet, Non attachment. I want to make love to it. I want it to feel me. I want to die knowing that I burned my spark bright while I was here. I danced. I saw. I was seen.

This is the Attachment to my Soul. You see…My Soul cares.


She absolutely gives a shit.


While you are the promise of transendence, She is the activity of grounding. You are the bliss of enlightenment; she is the joy of enlivenment. She is the lure and invitation from the egg of my mother, calling to the cosmic seed from my dad.She is hard to ignore, Non Attachment.So for now, I am going to be with Her. We’ve been partying together in Maya and LOVING it.You only live once, Attachment. (…Actually she disagrees with that too).  Either way, Non Attachment, this time around I am going to Live. It. Up.





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  1. sharon Stone Strang
    Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
    How can I get a copy of this letter, to email to a friend? It's one of the most brilliant consciousnesses I've heard anyone articulate, because in psychology and in this century, the new mainstream words, are "dont engage", and non attachment". I love this letter and would love a copy of it. Speak to you very soon. Love Sharon
  2. Shari Wolf
    Sunday, December 27th, 2015
    I love it! I'm new to your work and your website (reading your book). This was great. What makes it so humorous and fun is that it is true.

    Humorous, fun, & true. Perhaps these are qualities of my soul? As I already revealed--I'm new to this.
  3. Victoria
    Friday, December 20th, 2019
    hmm, this feels so right. Now hearing your words, I see clearly what I have been going back and forth with, thank you for sharing! your blog is a jewel