Burnout is not in your head. (It’s in your 3rd chakra).

Posted June 8, 2015 in Empath Empowerment

Burnout is no joke. Because I see it frequently during sessions, I wanted to take some time to write about what burnout looks like energetically.

When I work with someone who is burnt out, their 2nd and 3rd chakras (energy centers) are often overworking (inflamed, too large and running hot). Burnout is a serious issue and not something to “power through”. It is a call to slow down, discover sustainable self-care practices and make small but powerful lifestyle changes.

Probably 90 percent of my burnt out clients are also classic empaths, and most have never heard of the term. Because of this common link, I wanted to explain what being an empath is and how it is tied to burnout.

Being an empath is different than simply being an empathetic person. An ’empath’ is an individual who can literally feel the emotions of another person in their body. This is also known as being an HSP (A Highly Sensitive Person) or someone who has the natural ability of clairsentience (or clear feeling). (You can read more about the other clair-abilities here.)

Just like we utilize intelligence (IQ) to understand the world, empath’s have high EQ’s (Emotional Quotients). (In other words, to be an empath is to function with and from a particular form of intelligence). When you are an empath, you receive psychic information, through the form of emotion. The challenge is that most empaths don’t know they are empaths, or if they do, they have not had the psycho-spiritual education to teach them how to manage their energy in a healthy way. And because the psychic information comes in emotionally, we can easily confuse it with our own feelings. (In other words: How do we tell if our emotion is how we truly feel about something, or simply how our friend feels about it? “Do I want to leave the party or does my anxious friend next to me want to leave? All’s I know is I am having a panic attack.”) Being an empath can make us more naturally reactive (or codependent) instead of proactive.

I often tell my empath clients that being an empath is often a gift but can also become a curse (or at least, feel like that at times). It allows us to receive psychic information, prioritize relationships and experience deep compassion. But it can quickly become a curse if we do not do the additional self-care that being an empath requires.

I call this type of energetic self-care, “energetic hygeine”. Just like we brush our teeth to avoid the build up of plaque, we need to do some quick and efficient clearings of other energies to avoid buildup in our body. As empaths, we often unconsciously carry the weight of our well-intentioned friends and family in our own physical bodies. We can often physically experience areas in their own lives that they are unconsciously avoiding. (And if they are empaths they can do that with you, too!) The simple solution is to learn how to make these ‘energetic separations’ and ‘send their energy back to their own physical body, with love’. (One meditation where I walk you through a guided, visual energetic separation is my free Safe Place meditation.)

When we do this, we give them their energy back, allow them to access their own karma to work their issues and trust their crucial Soul journey. It is a surprisingly simple but completely powerful practice. I have been shocked at the quick change in myself and others.

If we neglect to do this, our own energy can quickly become overwhelmed and ‘fried’ as we burnout, literally trying to ‘carry the weight of the world’ in our 2nd and 3rd chakras.

Burn out is not in your head. You can’t just ignore it and keep going. It is actually the body’s way of giving you a message: You need to slow down or I will shut down.

Check back next week where I will list 50 ways to replenish yourself with Feminine, or Yin, practices.


Some Empath Resources:

  1. My blog on How to Energetically Ground. Grounding helps us to stay strong and clear in our own reality instead of merging with others.
  2. My free guided visualization meditation on how to ground.
  3. It can be super helpful to learn a bit about the chakra system, to be aware of places that you are becoming energetically corded.
  4. My book, Authentic Intuition (formally titled: Energetic Codependency), is an amazing, comprehensive resource for empaths. Written because I myself became physically sick from my empath nature–I studied and trained with the best to learn how to keep energetically healthy. It is 120 pages of education, meditations and tools for good ‘energetic hygiene’.
  5. Stay tuned for more blogs in the coming weeks on energy cords and cord cutting. This technique is SO helpful for energetic clarity.

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    Elisa I love this so freaking much, thank you for acknowledging what so many of us go through! And giving us the tools to manage it effectively. Much love xx