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Episode 17 : Astrological Wisdom for These Times Global intensity is reaching a fever pitch. We are experiencing personal and collective systemic and psychological death and birth pains as the old systems crumble. Astrology helps give us archetypal awareness to help navigate it all with perspective, consciousness and a felt relationship to greater meaning. In this conversation we...
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Episode 13 : A Conversation with Danica Patrick We are thrilled to share our next episode of Holy & Human with our very first guest, Danica Patrick. Danica is a globally recognizable race car driver who succeeded in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports. Although she is well-known, what you may not know about Danica is that she is, at heart, a true mystic....
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Entertaining a 5 and 11-year-old all day at home can be an experiment in patience-building. On our latest podcast episode of Holy & Human (Episode 11), we discuss the emotional and spiritual reset this time offers families, along with the parenting challenges. We addressed how to speak to your kids about Coronavirus in ways which are developmentally appropriate and compassionate to their...
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Energetic Protection

Posted February 27, 2020 in Blog, Energy Anatomy
Episode 8: Energetic Protection (This is the third episode of our three-part series on Energetic Anatomy.)  In this super practical episode of Holy & Human, A podcast for mystics, we discuss the ways people or entities prey upon others and give specific strategies on how to feel safe, strong and protected. Bullies can be in human or spirit form—Yet, when we connect to the...
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Chakras and Energy Cords

Posted February 14, 2020 in Blog, Energy Anatomy
Happy Valentines Day!!! Today is a perfect day to honor Soul Love! Do you have any outdated egoic attachments to ex’s or toxic dynamics keeping you stuck in the past? Energetic hygiene and cord cutting are important parts of conscious relationship which help us listen to the voice of Soul. In this episode of Holy & Human, A podcast for mystics, we discuss the energetic nature of...
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The Energy of the Soul

Posted February 5, 2020 in Blog, Energy Anatomy
Episode 6: The Energy of the Soul This is the first episode of our three-part series on energetic anatomy.  Understanding the human energy system is incredibly powerful for physical, mental and spiritual health. In today’s show, we investigate our essential life-force, the aura. With practical exercises and examples, we teach you to take charge of your energetic hygiene and...
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The Soul of Writing

Posted February 5, 2020 in Blog, Healing / Self Care
Episode 5: The Soul of WritingThe creative process can be exhilarating and excruciating. Writing, in particular, can facilitate profound Soul-healing and self-discovery but also trigger resistance, insecurity and comparison. Adam and Elisa candidly share their own experiences of writing and creating from Soul. Much of this discussion is applicable not only to writing, but any creative...
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Becoming Psychic

Posted February 5, 2020 in Blog, Intuitive Training
Holy & Human, A podcast for mystics, is available now on Apple podcasts, Spotify and many others.Go to to listen. Episode 4: Becoming PsychicIn media, psychics are often presented as new-age flakes or con artists--yet powerful stories of premonitions, ghost encounters, synchronicities or dreams which actualize, are quite common. Why are we, as a collective,...
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Adam, and I are loving making these podcasts! Our third episode is timely and powerful. Part of being a spiritual warrior is standing up and being an advocate for Love. How do we stay spiritually connected when faced with pain or darkness in our world?  Adam shares his spiritual awakening story that occurred after he experienced a bomb blast while living in...
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The Soul of Mr Rogers

Posted December 11, 2018 in Blog, Healing / Self Care
Adam and I recently went to see the documentary about Mr. Rogers life, Won't You Be My Neighbor. At about 4 minutes into the movie Mr. Rogers enters onto the screen. As a clairsentient-empath-intuitive watching, I am not just seeing Mr. Rogers the man, but feeling Mr. Rogers Soul. And Mr. Roger's Soul is beyond generous, crystal clear it his heart-mission and carries a huge transmission of...
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