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The Coronavirus can bring with it uncertainty, confusion and fear. Yet, we can also use this historic moment to embody Love. If every problem has a spiritual solution, what is the Divine guidance for this time? This show is heavy on compassion, comfort, reminders from Soul and self-care.  Episode 9: Love & Fear in Times of Crisis(Go to to listen.) In...
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The Soul of Writing

Posted February 5, 2020 in Blog, Healing / Self Care
Episode 5: The Soul of WritingThe creative process can be exhilarating and excruciating. Writing, in particular, can facilitate profound Soul-healing and self-discovery but also trigger resistance, insecurity and comparison. Adam and Elisa candidly share their own experiences of writing and creating from Soul. Much of this discussion is applicable not only to writing, but any creative...
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Adam, and I are loving making these podcasts! Our third episode is timely and powerful. Part of being a spiritual warrior is standing up and being an advocate for Love. How do we stay spiritually connected when faced with pain or darkness in our world?  Adam shares his spiritual awakening story that occurred after he experienced a bomb blast while living in...
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The Soul & Mental Health

Posted December 9, 2019 in Healing / Self Care
Adam, and I have been floored by the response to the podcast!! Thank you SO much for the messages and emails sharing your reactions, questions, stories and comments. It is truly an honor to be able to come into your homes and cars in this intimate way. We love this new medium! It's always a little nerve-wracking to jump off the cliff and try something new, so it has been truly...
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The Soul of Mr Rogers

Posted December 11, 2018 in Blog, Healing / Self Care
Adam and I recently went to see the documentary about Mr. Rogers life, Won't You Be My Neighbor. At about 4 minutes into the movie Mr. Rogers enters onto the screen. As a clairsentient-empath-intuitive watching, I am not just seeing Mr. Rogers the man, but feeling Mr. Rogers Soul. And Mr. Roger's Soul is beyond generous, crystal clear it his heart-mission and carries a huge transmission of...
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It has taken me three days of a migraine to process and articulate the horror that has been energetically fueling our nation this past week. As we head into this intense solar eclipse, the density is thick with projection and polarization. It can be a time of massive release and healing if we can align with Love consciousness. It only takes a brief stroll down the comment section of any...
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Love IS Color

Posted July 8, 2016 in Healing / Self Care
In the wake of all the horrifying news of racial violence I have been seeing a bunch of "I don't see color" and "# all lives matter" social media posts. Yes, for sure, we are Souls having a human experience--but it is serious spiritual bypassing to pretend that being brown/black does not significantly increase your chances of being beaten and/or killed--BECAUSE OF COLOR. So humans, we...
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Posted November 14, 2015 in Healing / Self Care
The intention of any terrorist act is to create a climate of fear and chaos in which to gain control. Looking at the recent news there is valid reason to be terrified: Over 200 injured and 43 lives lost in Beirut, 26 killed in Baghdad and at least 128 killed in gunfire or blasts in Paris. It is tempting in the wake of grief, fear and heartbreak to blame, prove and argue. Yet, the terrorist...
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50 Ways to Replenish

Posted June 22, 2015 in Healing / Self Care
I often work with big-hearted, sensitive and burnt-out empathic clients. These are often extremely compassionate individuals who are good at achieving in the world but not always good at taking the necessary time for self-care. Of course we can't give water to others if our own internal well is empty.  So I compiled a simple list of 50 ways to replenish. All the things on this list are...
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I recently spoke to a burned-out client who works long hours and lives right in the heart of bustling Manhattan. She had been super busy at work and didn’t have much time for self-care. At a crossroads, she was trying to decide if she should move and find a new job that was less demanding. I asked her one of my favorite ‘get clear’ questions to help her gain perspective: “If you had...
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