Chakras and Energy Cords

Posted February 14, 2020 in Blog, Energy Anatomy

Happy Valentines Day!!! Today is a perfect day to honor Soul Love! Do you have any outdated egoic attachments to ex’s or toxic dynamics keeping you stuck in the past? Energetic hygiene and cord cutting are important parts of conscious relationship which help us listen to the voice of Soul. In this episode of Holy & Human, A podcast for mystics, we discuss the energetic nature of relationships and finish with a powerful guided meditation to upgrade all your current and past relationships. 

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Episode 7: Chakras and Energy Cords 

🕊✨🕊This is the second episode of our three-part series on energetic anatomy. 
In this detailed episode we discuss the chakra system and how it affects physical, emotional and spiritual health. Sometimes changing a relational pattern or moving on completely from a relationship can be challenging. We learn to cut codependent or toxic energy cords from unhealthy relationship dynamics which drain us of our clarity, life-force and purpose. This episode can empower you to take charge of your body, relationships and destiny. 

In this episode we cover:

  • A clear description of the 7 main chakras with examples
  • A detailed and thorough explanation of cord cutting
  • Why asking Archangel Michael to ‘do it for you’ won’t work long-term
  • We end with a guided meditation for cord removal and deep chakra healing

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