Channeled Soul Paintings

Posted January 28, 2013 in The Soul & Life Purpose

My amazing client, Danielle, is a visionary painter, textile and clothing designer.  Her clothing line, Onerary, is truly the result of heart and artistry combined.  Onerary is derived from the Greek word Oneraria, which means to be in a dreamlike state.

After her grandfather passed away, she wanted a way to carry him with her at all times.  She painted his portrait and screenprinted the image onto a patch.  She sewed the patch onto the back of her jean jacket where he now protects her.

Danielle’s Grandpa, Rudy Arturi

When Danielle showed me the patch on her jacket, my jaw dropped.  It struck me as a beautiful, devotional, connected way to carry our loved ones with us.

People often call me to connect with a loved one who has crossed over.  The spirits frequently share with me their frustration around how their grieving, living relative does not engage with them in the present, but only as an (often-sad) memory.  They want us to know we can call upon them and have them with us now if we choose.  They want to be in direct contact, able to engage with their energy in the NOW, in the PRESENT.  They are still here, although they are on a different vibrational plane.  To contact them we need to slow down our thoughts, feel into the spaces between them and open to the feeling and sensory world where they now live.

Danielle and her grandpa

I could feel the power of Danielle’s portraits and asked her about the process of how she paints.  She told me that she centers and feels the energy of the spirit of the person.  Then they appear to her on an energetic plane and together, create the piece in her imaginative, dreamy style.  Danielle channels Soul Portraits with the loved one to create breath-taking pieces of art, that are fused with the spirit of the person who has crossed.  She can also paint the living, and contacts the spirit of the person in the same way, while she creates.  Either way, the spirit part of ourselves is eternal and always available for connection.

Here are some of her pieces.  Feel into them.

I was blessed to have Danielle paint my son and myself when I was my son’s age:

Danielle is a gift to this world.  In a world where many have forgotten, Danielle still knows how to Dream.  Dreaming is not for the naive or the childish.  Dreaming takes massive courage.  We are not supported in our culture to be connected to the world of the senses.  The imaginative realm, the realm of the Dream is where our Soul resides.  To enter the world of the invisibles, the world where our crossed loved ones inhabit, we need to navigate in the dark.  We use our feeling sense, our heart-sense to guide us.  Danielle is a way-shower on how to do this.

She is available to paint your own loved ones in her channeled Soul Paintings.  She can also do a custom screenprint if you would like the image printed onto fabric.  I cannot think of a better way to commemorate and celebrate the spirit of the spirits that surround us.

Thanks, Danielle, for remembering how to dream.

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