Are You Being Clock Blocked? (Divine Timing: It’s a Thing)

Posted January 6, 2015 in The Soul & Life Purpose

“Where is he? Why hasn’t my soul mate shown up yet?”

“I thought I got the job interview but it keeps getting rescheduled.”

“I wanted to go to that workshop but somehow missed the email to sign up.”

Have you ever felt that no matter what efforts you make, the universe appears to be working against your good intentions? It appears that no matter how much energy you put into something the divine timing just seems to be…off?


Well, you may be experiencing clock block. While sounding similar to another common term (cough cough, wink wink) it means something quite different alltogether.

Clock block: regardless of your proactive, positive and enthusiastic efforts (a.k.a doing everything “right”) you are repeatedly shut down by the timing of the universe.

This hiccup in timing is not due to a saddistic universe, but to your own Soul’s protection. You are not being hidden in a cosmic witness protection program. Sometimes, Soul creates a force field of stasis in the hopes of refocusing you on the current (and still incomplete) soul lessons, which need to be finished, first. Often interpreted as rejection, this is actually a Self-loving mechanism to ensure that you accomplish your spiritual lessons and live an authentic (tailored to you) life.

Divine Timing: It’s a thing. (Tweet this)

Maybe your play needs to be written before you can meet your soulmate.
Maybe you need to take that trip before you can secure the new job.
Maybe you need to try out that little business idea before the Master’s program.

Here are four ways to tell if you are being clock blocked:

  1. You feel incredibly frustrated and it appears that everyone else’s lives are going much more smoothly than your own
  2. No matter how proactive or positive, your immediate efforts are not rewarded
  3.  You feel “energetically invisible” and off the cosmic radar
  4. You have exhausted every possible rational reason for your current lack of success

So, what should you do?

If you are being clock blocked, it is time to clear your mind and ask your Soul directly about what you need to learn or do to become un-clock blocked. This may be guidance about a specific action you need to take, a Soul lesson you need to complete, or it may be steps to move in a completely different direction in life than you were originally planning.

But how long will it take?
Well…it depends. If you are truly being clock blocked it will happen not-one-second before you get the lesson or make the desired Soul change.

Here is the good and bad news: how long it takes depends on how long you take.

It can be a shocking revelation: Life is not random and haphazard. The Soul lovingly orchestrates the events of our lives.

Our holdups are not unfair punishments from God, but meaningful initiations to deepen into our true natures. At first, we may feel victim of this invisible organization of our lives–But we can quickly become empowered when we learn how to connect and tap into this invisible field of Love that truly wants our greatest potential actualized.

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  1. Friday, February 20th, 2015
    Thank you so much for this very healing and enlightening article. I have to work this weekend and I'm thankful for my job and my sweet and loving husband. However, I intend to keep in mind what you wrote in this article. I say this because I'm very lucky to have a husband that supports me in many of my endeavors (including career and professional). However, I'm still in the process of building a support network outside of my immediate family members. The areas of career and money are two of my priority themes right now that I'm striving to transform for the positive. Additionally, I was also planning an upcoming trip to Williamsburg, Virginia this summer(with a trip to Los Angeles somewhere during my lifetime). The Williamsburg, Virginia trip is one trip that my husband and I mutually agreed on for his upcoming birthday. However, your post makes me feel better for planning such an upcoming trip regardless of what is happening in my life (and it also provides positive confirmation for me to look into at least a brief 2-3 day trip to Los Angeles within the next 10 months).
  2. Ray
    Sunday, March 8th, 2015
    Thank you. This article really spoke to me!
  3. Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
    Thank you so much for this article! I have been feeling frustrated because I cannot find a bridge job while I work on my business. However, after reading this article, I trust that the perfect bridge job will come to me.
  4. Saturday, August 20th, 2016
    Excellent. You're cool. I heard you on Michael's show yesterday. I've written a book for young girls and FYI on love relationships sex and guys. Check it Out. It was created from doing Michael's set of CDs life visioning. It has screamed at me for the last 4 1/2 years I'm at the end reality once again it's Taking forever. And that J- O – B I wanted so much after I left the 22 year marriage never happened. "Overqualified" ha!
    I know the book is a calling. it's one-of-a-kind -but the patience ....Yikes.
    I'm ready to meet my soul on a deeper level. Thanks for your willingness nice video