Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

Posted May 29, 2015 in Healing / Self Care

I recently spoke to a burned-out client who works long hours and lives right in the heart of bustling Manhattan. She had been super busy at work and didn’t have much time for self-care. At a crossroads, she was trying to decide if she should move and find a new job that was less demanding. I asked her one of my favorite ‘get clear’ questions to help her gain perspective:

“If you had 50 million dollars, what would you do?”

“Wow. That’s a good question.” She said. After a long pause, with true perplexity in her voice she said: “I don’t know.”

My reply? “Your prescription is to spend some time daydreaming until you DO know.”




Often security fears (like not having enough money) keep us from clearly hearing the information trying to come in from Soul. As long as we are terrified, we are immobilized and cannot get the direction which our guts and hearts are trying to convey. When we daydream we allow ourselves permission to begin to try on what feels good.

This loosens up the knots of impossibility as we begin to pre-pave the energetic path that can then, in turn, change everything.

You don’t have to always take your daydream completely literally and follow it out exactly (For example: take a spaceship to the moon) but you will begin to notice distinct patterns and powerful symbols–those sacred metaphoric messages from Soul, guiding you to peace and joy. (You are trying to break free from daily constraints and do something out of the box.)

So, if you are overwhelmed or stuck, try daydreaming for 5-10 minutes a day and see what your Soul wants to dream into reality.

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  1. Saturday, May 30th, 2015
    Thanks for this article, it definitely came in a timeframe healing for my soul.
  2. jen wasson
    Monday, June 1st, 2015
    LOVED this. It was just in time and just what I needed.