Elisa’s Out-of-Body Experience

November 17, 2013

Elisa remembers an out of body experience, where she left her physical body and rejoined with her Soul. This experience showed her that everyone has a Soul Self lovingly witnessing and orchestrating all the events of our lives.

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  1. Lisa
    Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
    Elisa girl you are awesome. Thank you for bringing your solid (non-fluff) voice, experience and message to us/me. I rarely speak of my own mind-blowing soul experiences. As a child, I didn't know the words, but I understood and experienced the universe as parallel. I would 'go' places. We humans are truly magic. I don't know how I could live life without that soul connection. I continue to play with 'the work' and look forward to dive into your ebook offerings. Elisa, you are a special treat to cyber-play with! Thank You

    I discovered you on B School Alumni list! I am currently in Module 1. I wonder if you would be willing to share some of your experience, challenges, insights and success as it relates to B School. I know the business is and has been, 'in me': yet I am challenged/frustrated to pin 'it' down and roll with it. My soul-self "seems" happy to support any direction I present-- so I continue to vacillate between two areas of content.

    Soul Smiles to You,

    Lisa Lawn
  2. Gail
    Thursday, April 30th, 2015
    Hey, I enjoyed your video! What you had to say is pretty darn close to my religious beliefs. I'm a Mormon (LDS) and we totally believe that we existed as spirits in the pre-mortal life, that we chose the families we would come down to and the mortal experiences we would have, and we believe that the spirit goes on even after the mortal body dies. We also believe that everyone who has come to Earth will one day be resurrected, like Christ was resurrected, and receive our bodies back in perfect condition. For the time being we do believe that the spirit world is here on Earth, all around us. The reason why I found your site is because I wish that I could see and talk to spirits, I just don't know how. But I do believe that they are there all around us.