The Energy of the Soul

Posted February 5, 2020 in Blog, Energy Anatomy

Episode 6: The Energy of the Soul

This is the first episode of our three-part series on energetic anatomy. 

Understanding the human energy system is incredibly powerful for physical, mental and spiritual health. In today’s show, we investigate our essential life-force, the aura. With practical exercises and examples, we teach you to take charge of your energetic hygiene and relate to others through this physical manifestation of Soul in the body. 

In this episode we cover:

  • How to see and feel energy
  • Why our energetic health is crucial for vitality and happiness
  • Why aura awareness helps with personal boundaries
  • An incredible energetic tool that consistently bring us into the Present

Links we mention in this show:
Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light

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About Holy & Human: 
This podcast is dedicated to those that sense more, see more, feel more and ultimately, want more. If surface-level living leaves you craving deeper meaning and purpose, join us, as we investigate what it truly means to be a Soul having a human experience. 

Bestselling author of Meet Your Soul, Elisa Romeo, is a licensed psychotherapist. Her husband, Adam Foley, had a spiritual awakening after experiencing the aftermath of a terrorist attack while living in India. Weaving the Holy with the Human, this husband and wife team are not only mystics–but parents who keep it real. 

Blending psychology and modern-day mysticism, we investigate the nitty-gritty of daily challenges, the creative process, relationship issues, parenting tips and awakening stories–all from a mystical perspective.

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