Every Problem Has A Spiritual Solution

Posted July 24, 2013 in The Soul & Life Purpose

Yesterday was a hard day.  After a surprisingly wonderful turn of events…I was hit by a surprisingly really awful turn of events.  It is easy to have faith when all is going well, but when the shit hits the fan, we discover where we truly are, spiritually. Did this spiritual mystic turn to What She Knows?  Did she connect with Her Soul for comfort and answers?


‘I bet she poured herself some chamomile tea, lit candles and meditated until the pain washed away.‘

You know what I did?  I threw myself a big old pity party;  I did a pretty good imitation of the Old Testament’s Job,as I wailed about my lost faith in mankind, evil prevailing over good, and abandonment by God Herself.

So…um…ya.  I had myself a major D.T.T.  (Divine Temper Tantrum.)

The results?  I got a big fat migraine; I forgot Who. I. Was.  I started eating junkfood as I, attempted to zone out before the mighty Internet.

After that didn’t work very well, I tried to go to sleep–which resulted in insomnia and a wide-awake energy surge at 4 am.

At that time, I tried to search online for the answers to my problems.  Did you know if you google “What is the meaning of life?”  You get some unsatisfying answers?

OK, I didn’t go that far…but it was almost that bad.  Almost.

Finally, I fell, out of sheer exhaustion from running from myself…back to myself.  I had to tucker myself out to find my quiet, simple answers. And when I did, an amazing thing happened.

I stopped.

I turned inward.

And I felt some small familiar connection…A connection to Her.

My Soul was silently watching and waiting.  Patiently hoping my manic ego would choose Her, once again. And I remembered…not in my head, but in my body, that we are spirits having a human experience.  There is a spiritual solution to every problem.  And that the answer to every question is Devotion.

This Devotion is not naive.  This Devotion is very conscious.  It is much easier to sleepwalk into a deep spiral of negativity.  To shift the energy into a positive direction takes a conscious choice.  This is the choice of Devotion.

The Devotion is to the Invisibles.
The Devotion is to trust the miracle behind our consciousness.
The Devotion is to Grace, Itself.
Nothing had changed in my outer situation.   This revelation did not change the external problem (for now).
Yet, everything changed internally.

I felt my Self once again.  My shoulders relaxed.  My mood shifted into positivity.  The miracle was not external:  The clouds did not part and drop money, unicorns and cherries from the sky.  The true miracle is that I chose to rest in the Hope and Home inside myself.  Every time we have the consciousness to choose ‘the Hope muscle,’ we build spiritual heft.

The gift is that we get to choose: Do we trust reality as it appears now, before and around us, as it is…or do we wail against the Fates?  Do we believe our lives are on purpose or a random, meaningless lottery?  Do we judge our lives based on external appearances, or from the more quiet internal spiritual connection?  Do we choose what is rational or what is beautiful?

It is your choice.  Life is a tapestry created from the small, unflashy quiet choices we make when we think no one is watching.  You are never alone and Grace is always an option.  Choose wisely.

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