A Powerful Practice to Connect to Soul (Eye Gazing)

Posted July 18, 2014 in Healing / Self Care

(experted from the forthcoming “Meet Your Soul”  Hay House, 2015)


Eye Gazing

We often hear people say the eyes are the windows to the Soul. So if shouldn’t come as a surprise that eye gazing, an ancient and powerful practice, can swiftly peel back layers of the ego. The intention behind this exercise is to have an intimate encounter with the “You” that lies behind programmed beliefs and egoic ideas of who you think you are.


Sit in front of a mirror (preferably one that you don’t need to hold). First, notice the exterior appearance of your eyes, the color and shape. Then allow yourself to relax and sense what you feel behind your eyes. The experience is similar to gazing at the “magic eye” posters where you relax your vision to allow the hidden image to appear. Like the posters, if you “search” for something, you will not find anything. Instead you need to relax without expectation and allow whatever is there to appear. Also like the posters, you may find that you “get excited” when you begin to see something so that you lose the image altogether. Keep breathing and try again.

It is normal to be pulled to focus on one eye at a time. Choose whatever eye you are drawn to. You are training your ego to surrender to the process. Your vision may become blurred or you may see the shape of your eyes as the rest of your face recedes from focus. Sometimes the light, or energetic, body reveals itself. In this case, the physical body appears to recede and what comes into focus is the bright, illuminated glow of your essential energy (also known as chi). After some practice you may even see other faces appear in your own (from previous lifetimes) or images of your power animals in your face. You can do this for as long or as short as you’d like, but when starting out, aim for 5 to 10 minutes. In general, the longer you go, the more the ego can relax into the exercise and allow the energetic information and feelings to surface.

An advanced variation of this exercise is to eye gaze with a partner, after you feel comfortable connecting with your own true Self. It is best to choose someone that you feel incredibly safe and comfortable around because of the intimacy of this exercise. You may notice at first some giggling as you both settle into the exercise. This is often part of the process.

Sit 2-3 feet apart in a comfortable position. Set the intention to see your partner beyond their ego. Relax your eyes and allow the images to present themselves. Roles between you fade away as you experience a true Soul to Soul encounter. After 5-10 minutes you can share what you saw with your partner.

This is a great exercise to begin to sense the energy behind the outer appearance. Over time you can practice with animals (be aware that for dogs, eye-to-eye contact can mean dominance.) As you master the ability to relax your mind and feel the spirit of the being, you may notice you can also practice on eyeless life forms like trees and flowers to feel their core essence.





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