Elisa’s Healing Book List
Elisa’s Healing Book List (PDF)
Inspirational Soul books are, for me, a total lifesaver. They are energetic transmissions, kisses from the Divine and heaping spoonfuls of liquid Courage. I often give recommendations for the books and movies that have been some of my greatest guides on my path. As a serious reader, I have road tested many-a-self-help book. This list is stocked full of all of my favorites, sorted by category.
Meaning of Life, The Questionnaire
Meaning of Life, The Questionnaire (PDF)
There is a saying, “We can live to the extent that we realize we will die.” If we truly understand our time on this planet is limited, it allows us to have the courage to do what is important while we are alive. We need clarity to avoid succumbing to the pressures of family and society. It is important to check-in and ask ourselves the “big questions” in order to live a life of authenticity and uniqueness. Answer these 9 provocative questions with as much honesty as you can muster. There are no right or wrong answers. View this as an opportunity to begin inquiry and begin to reveal your true values.
Withdrawing Projection Exercise
Withdrawing Projection Exercise (PDF)
A “projection” is a psychological and energetic function that occurs when we ‘project’ (much like a camera projector does) disowned qualities from ourselves, onto others. This can be in the form of a “positive” or a “negative” projection. When we reclaim our externalized projections we recover the lost parts of ourselves and benefit by gaining integrity and psychological and emotional cohesion.
Become the Heroine of Your Story (PDF)
We all carry a personal mythology made up of our beliefs–whether we are conscious of those beliefs or not. When we write out our stories, it sheds light on those archetypal and mythic themes that influence the course of our lives.


1 Center

2 Meet and Name Her Visualization

3 Ground

4 Meet Your Gremlin

5 Heart-Knowing

6 Safe Place