Hey baby, What’s your sign?

Posted January 14, 2011 in Healing / Self Care

Recently several clients have asked me my thoughts on astrology. So here goes…
First off, I have no idea as to HOW astrology works or WHY astrology works…and I don’t care much to figure it out. I have nothing against people who are searching for that information; I really just don’t have much interest, personally. How I access the value of spiritual tools or theories is based on these questions:
1. does this thing work?

2. is it effective/helpful/healing? and

3. is it aligned with the greatest good for all involved.
My personal experience with astrology is this: On my very first reading, early into the session, an astrologist who knew nothing about me, looked at my chart and then ask me if I struggled with hormonal migraines. Um…why yes I do, perfect stranger. How did you see that information solely in this picture of stars and planets sitting before you? He went on to tell me lots of technical information that I will not bore you with now; but it shocked me into taking this astrology thing a little more seriously.
After some half-assed study of astrology I realized I will never be an astrologist. (Part of it is that whole problem of me not caring about the HOW’S or the WHY’s). But besides that I think to be a great astrologist you have to have a sense of the planets in the same way that gifted musicians hear beautiful music in their heads. It’s a real art. I personally found it to be like learning a language. It felt like the deeper I got into the study of it the more I could sense the vast amount I would need to understand to be astrologically literate. Many people can study enough spanish to order dinner at a Mexican restaurant, but to speak the language and have a real grasp of the poetry in it…that is another thing altogether.
While in Grad School I had this amazing professor named Richard Tarnas. I liked to call him “Tarno-pedia” because his ability to hold facts and historical dates in his head was truly mind-boggeling. I think he is a genius. His book “The Passion of the Western Mind” is insanely good. Here is his explanation of astrology. It is my favorite introduction to the “why” it works question and also expands on the archetypal energies that are inherent in the planets. It is not a causal, linear explanation, but more of a beautiful reflective orientation that allows us to continue to hold free-will while opening us up and expanding on our understanding of astrology.
I also am a fan of Liz Greene, who is a Jungian Analyst as well as an astrologer. Her books are pretty radical in the true sense of the word. The site she sometimes writes for, Astro.com has an interactive option for the Portrait chart. I find this is a great way to start to get familiar with understanding the terms and relationships within the chart (i.e. what is an aspect and how different planets relate.)
Enjoy the exploration my fellow star beings. Now go listen to Gary Wright singing “Dream Weaver” and learn some astrology.

(Addition: In light of the recent “discovery” that your sign has changed based on the earth’s rotation…the Tropical Zodiac has not changed.)

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