I really should meditate.

Posted September 10, 2011 in Healing / Self Care

During my sessions with clients, it is usually with some sense of guilt that they tell me “I really should be meditating more.” To which I reply, “Why?” This usually throws them off as they assume that I would be pushing meditation as an important spiritual practice and discipline. But I seriously want to know…Why do you think you should be meditating?


First of all, if you are going into meditation with the intent and belief that you ‘should’ be doing it, it will probably be a miserable experience. And I don’t think miserable experiences ‘should’ be on the top of our “to do” lists. Meditating to appease a sense of persona and ego identification (i.e. “I was spiritual today, I spent half an hour meditating.”) is similar to the hamsters on the wheels I watch with my son at the pet store: Lots of effort, and not really getting anywhere. And if it is not enjoyable (I think the hamsters are at least having some fun), then, why do it?
So, why do we meditate? And as long as we are asking questions; what is meditation? Every person who meditates might give you a different answer to these questions, but here are my answers: We meditate to remember who we are. We meditate to feel what we are behind the idea of who we think we are. We meditate to sit and practice tolerating the Love that we truly are. We meditate to go home. We meditate to connect and to enjoy. We meditate to throw some Love into the cosmic pot of the universe (to balance out all that fear we throw in the rest of the day). We meditate to hit the reset button. We meditate to remember that the invisibles are real. We meditate to get clarity on the Dream. We meditate to feel the Truth that we are the Dreamer and not the Dream itself.

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