I See You…In A Brown Hat

Posted September 21, 2010 in Intuitive Training

I just got off the phone after four client sessions back-to-back. Usually I feel like crawling into a bath with epson salts (a great way to clear energy, by the way…) but instead tonight, I feel inspired to write a bit on the blog.
A friend of mine told me a funny story. She once had an energy reading done and the psychic reader looked at her with total seriousness and said, “I see you in a past life…You are wearing a brown hat.” My friend excitedly asked, “Yes…and????” To which the psychic replied, “That is all I am getting.”

brown hat

We laughed at how funny some psychic readers can be about past life information. (This psychic seems to me to be a beginning reader who doesn’t have much confidence or ability with her skills.) We have all had many past lives and many varying roles, but there is absolutely no point in any of this information if it doesn’t pertain to your life NOW and empower you IN THIS ONE. Past life information is usually treated with titillation, and portrayed as a glorified party trick. The point of any psychic information should always be this: We are here now. How is this information helping you emobdy your Soul and live from your heart. Let’s be practical.  How can we learn our lessons more clearly, easily and with more joy. Or else, really…What is the point?

There is also lots of misinformation regarding channeled information. The idea is that if a particular poem, song, or book is channeled it must be from a higher, more pure place. But there are lots of entities out there with low vibrations (or even trickster vibrations) that will give you a bunch of channeled crapola. I mean, maybe The Baha Men’s song, “Who Let The Dogs Out?” was channeled from a pack of passed-over chiuaua’s.

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