Why do I keep seeing 11:11?

Posted September 27, 2013 in Intuitive Training

“Your crown has been bought and paid for. All you have to do is put it on your head”-James Baldwin 

Everything has a vibration. It may be surprising to consider numbers as carrying their own unique meaningful vibrations, because they are often considered somewhat cold and neutral, factual and unbiased, consistent and predictably repeatable–like math facts or geometry. Yet, numerology, the study of the significance of numbers, is based upon this very truth. Often clients will ask me what is the meaning of specific repeating numbers. For example, you may notice the number 34 frequently appearing to you on license plates while driving your car. Different numbers have different meanings, and today’s post is going to focus on the frequently seen number pattern of 11:11.


Most often my clients say they see 11:11 appearing to them on digital clocks, cell phones, license plates, other signage or in phone numbers. Besides seeing the numbers repeatedly, clients also report a feeling of sacred space when they come upon these digits. It is often accompanied with a heightened awareness like a feeling that time has slowed down. There is frequently a realization that Spirit is trying to get a point across and make something Known.

This often then leads people to try googling “What does 11:11 mean?” If you do this you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the contradictory information on this topic. I believe this is because well-intentioned people are assuming that their message, being powerful and real, is the same message for everyone. This is not the case.

While it is true that numbers carry with them specific messages, you also need to know your relationship to that number (or that particular vibration). When you dream of a snake, don’t assume that every snake in every dream always represents phallic imagery or the masculine. The snake does carry with it archetypal meaning, but you also have your own personal meaning for Snake. If you have been personally bitten by a snake you will have a very different relationship to snakes than, for example, someone who is a snake handler at a zoo. It is the same towards the vibration of numbers.

The archetypal aspect of 11:11 is that it is an opportunity to hear your Soul more clearly than at other times. When you see 11:11, it is like a high-five from the universe. You are being acknowledged and validated for being in alignment with your Soul. Know that you are standing at the entry to a portal. You are given the choice to get closer to your Soul in this moment. The veil of  illusion (Mya) has been temporarily lifted and you are being given an opportunity to penetrate into your Soul’s Truth.

11:11 in particular, has a highly personal element to it. 11:11 is a sign to slow down and inquire about what is trying to make itself known to you in your life at this time. Take a moment to reflect and center and ask your Soul what is being revealed to you in this powerful sacred moment when the veil is transparent.

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  1. Thursday, January 30th, 2014
    Thank you.. I have felt everything you've said here.. Instinctively.. I'm grateful and will listen. I know I'm a healer and that my songs heal.. Is called for this. I pray to God I fulfill it+E
  2. LA Schneider
    Monday, February 17th, 2014
    Since I was a little girl these numbers have appeared to me in clusters over months and years. Then they disappear as suddenly as they arrived. I always have stopped and questioned why I see this time of day. Just letting it go to a rhythm in my internal clock. It has been many years since I have taken notice of the 11:11 time frame. Now, two months after a significant loss in my life the numbers are appearing again.
  3. Jon Florence
    Monday, March 3rd, 2014
    Elisa, thank you for sharing your feeling and insight on 11:11. I have tried to ignore this fact of seeing it at least 3-4 times a day if not more. I have managed to record the majority from my iPhone's clock. The strange thing is I see this also in analog form, such as from a stove numerical clock. It's very bizarre.

    I feel your description is probably correct. Some sort of acknowledgment that what I am doing in that moment is verified.

    Thank you... JF
  4. Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
    Hi I dont know if you can help me but i've been seeing 1111 for 2 years straight i see the 1111 at 8 times per day seems like the only time i notice the clock sounds strange but as if im drawn to the clock at 11 after the hour im scard / dont know why thats happening to me
    • Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
    • M Quinn
      Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
      Hello, its nice to know other people see #11, I would like to talk to other 11 seeing people. For me it started about 6 years ago. please feel free to contact me . .
    • Abi
      Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

      My experience started 4 years back. After which my life took a total U-turn. After 2 yrs into the experience, I started doing research into statistical methods to understand what these strange numerical signs mean. And in two year I became so well versed in all the methods.

      Now just a week back I got my PhD call from a univ for statistics trust me I don't have a mathematical background, I am in bio sciences field. I took up the position. Does this look like a co-incidence?
    • Tuesday, April 19th, 2016
      It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with extsepire.
    • Thursday, April 28th, 2016
      By Rachel Wright December 5, 2012 - 5:16 pmHi Chris, thanks for sending out the Dribble giveaway to everyone!-Here’s one of my shots: -And I am now following you on TwitterThanks again
    • Chris
      Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
      M Quinn, shoot me an email at flyingteep@gmail... Curious to hear about your experience.
    • Dave
      Sunday, April 5th, 2015
      Quinn you said ok to contact. I would like to compare thoughts, personalities, and life paths to maybe figure out why and what we need to do to understand 11:11 sign.
  5. Michaela
    Monday, July 14th, 2014
    I have been seeing these number patterns for the past few days and it all feels strange to me. I have been reading a few different articles and they all have the same basic concept. "Answering the universe's call". I'm so confused as to what I must really do. I'm just a 15 year old girl.
    • Friday, October 3rd, 2014
      This is like the same with me but instead a few months, at first i thought nothing but im still confused! My friends have notices as everytime i message them or let them know that it just stands out for me unconciously! I am only 13 so i dont understand?
  6. Drew
    Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
    It started about four months ago I think. 1111 or 11:11. But then I started noticing binary patterns - 1001, 1101, 1010, etc., as well as 1111 of course. Happens constantly. Anybody know what it might mean?
  7. Monday, July 21st, 2014
    I've seen 11:11 out of the blue 7 times in less than 2 weeks. Then one day my wife recently texted me that a dump truck ran a red light and almost killed her. I got the text at 11:11. What I get from it now is to take time to reflect what is important to you most in your life and cherish every moment to the fullest!
    God bless
  8. adewale
    Sunday, August 24th, 2014
    Thank u
  9. Theresa
    Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
    My sister and I have been seeing 11:11 everyday for the past year or so. We also often see 1:11 and 1:34 and we have always wondered why. This makes sense.. But I'm still very curious on what it's supposed to stand for.
  10. Chris
    Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
    I've been seeing 11:11 probably since high school, and I'm 29! These past 2 years I was working inside sales sitting at a desk which had a small drawer. At work I like to focus so I would put my phone in the drawer during the day. Usually I would get caught up on phone calls, writing emails or perusing Linked In and occasionally I would open the drawer and pull out my phone to check for texts, calls etc... Over a 2 year span, I easily (and completely randomly) pulled my phone out at exactly 11:11am at least twice a week, if not more.

    In fact, just before writing this comment, I took a nap cause I went for some after work beers. I woke up and lazily reached for my phone, and sure enough...11:11pm on the dot. Feel free to email me if you want and maybe we can put our heads together and solve this riddle. Sounds like I'm not the only one.... I really see it all the time, it's crazy.
    • dave
      Sunday, April 5th, 2015
      Chris email me at dave@scheerbrothers.com to compare.
    • Cassie
      Tuesday, January 31st, 2017
      Hi Chris,

      I know you posted this a few years ago but I just came across this thread. Just like you, I too work in sales and see 111 and/or 1111 all throughout the day. Strangely enough, I tend to see this number sequence before I have a huge sale. Whenever I see this number I tend to smile and evaluate my thoughts. I'm not sure if it's a sign from my angels that they are with me or some sort of manifestation but I have had many miracles since I've started seeing it.

      Are you still seeing these numbers? I have been seeing it for the past 4 years! I'd love to hear from you and perhaps try to grasp the meaning of this!
  11. ayelet
    Saturday, November 15th, 2014
    the 11.11 phenomena is nothing more than truth being falsified.
    11.11 is a huge deception.
    it is time for you and so many people to leave behind the so called "New Age" Nonsense. today with technology anyone can be deceived. there are plenty of man and woman made tools to do that.
    The only sensible truth is YHVH which is g-d almighty.
    Everything else is false.
    honestly don't let your imaginations run wild.
    try and connect internally to the divine loving truthful loving g-d.
    • Lisa
      Friday, January 22nd, 2016
      In times where so much deception is been embedded into every aspect of our lives, is good to search and find the truth for ourselves. There is a way of meditation that can be practiced safely and this is called "breathing of joy" Come to the crown and inhale wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Inhale/desire/ aspire towards at the count of 8
      Hold one's breath at the count of 4 hold unto wisdom. Exhale/knowledge at the count of 6 and rest (in understanding) at the count of 5 to begin a new breathing cycle. Takes time to practice in order to do it naturally and there is not harm in doing it. It is wise to go to the Source of wisdom in other to attain it. Beware of deception!
  12. Jessica Watts
    Sunday, November 16th, 2014
    I am having a hrd time figuring out my relationship to 11 11. I started seeing them first week of Oct. last year and thought that would be when my Dad passed away, (Pancreatic cancer?), he passed on Oct. 17th. I still see them all the time to this day. I often see a single 11 as well. Any suggestions?
  13. claribel lobres
    Monday, July 27th, 2015
    Thanks for the info.
    i am seeing these nos. 11:11 most of the time.
    somehow, i was able to get the answer of my querry.
  14. Lisa
    Friday, January 22nd, 2016
    I was driving playing a music CD,and I quickly reached down to grab something, and as I am looking for the object, quickly my eyes met the clock and I see the numbers 11 11 on the screen. I remember an article I read that says to pay attention to one's surroundings and thoughts at the time the encounter with the number occurs, so I remembered that article and I look for the clue that is speaking to me when I noticed the song that was or started playing at the same time I saw the number 11 11 was Happy by Pharrell Williams. I though that was pretty cool.
  15. george reeves
    Wednesday, June 1st, 2016
    I'm not a particularly superstitious person and I don't look for hidden meanings in dreams and things like that,in fact I'm pretty much a rationalist,but the number of times I see the number 111 or 1111 is beyond coincidence.I used to think that seeing it on digital clocks and cell phones was just my subconscious being aware of that particular time, but I see it regularly on other things,I randomly open a magazine,it's page 111 things like that.
  16. Friday, December 7th, 2018
    Good evening, my boyfriend also my daughters father passed away unexpectedly on 11/11/18 , i also see this number 11-11 alot but id like to mention i also hear his voice in my head alot and see his face in patterns and other certain tbings and patterns i mean usually on tje curtain hanging but i also see other faces of loves ones i know who have passed away sometimes its scary because im afraid they are gna move such as nod or say no along them lines but they dont they juat look at me as if tbeu wanna make sure i know i see them its odd at times and sometimes unsettling but also nice to see them at the same time if that makes sense ?