Let’s talk about Bruce Jenner’s Soul

Posted April 27, 2015 in The Soul & Life Purpose

Last night I finally watched the 20/20 Bruce Jenner Interview with Diane Sawyer. My first reaction was to notice just how momentous this interview actually was. Bruce Jenner, an iconic image of masculinity from his 1976 Olympic win, is viewed as an American superhero. His title deemed him the worlds greatest athlete. His body, at its peak, was often compared to Micahelangelo’s sculpture of “David”–ripped muscles, perfect proportions, the ideal mold of the athletic male body. Yet, here Bruce sits at 65 years old, struggling with a life-long issue: he has always identified as having the feminine Soul of a woman.


Gender identity is defined as a person’s innate, deeply felt inner identification as a man, woman or some other gender.

‘Gender Identity’ is often confused with the term ‘Sexual orientation’. Sexual Orientation is definted as the individual’s physical and/or emotional attraction to the same and/or opposite gender. “Gay,” “lesbian,” “bisexual” and “straight” are all examples of sexual orientations. (More info on this here.)

20/20 did an impeccable job of using the interview to differentiate between gender identity and sexual preference. (Gender isn’t who you go to bed with it’s who you go to bed as).

My second reaction to the interview was realizing how this story is all about Soul.

In the interview itself, Bruce repetedly used the word, over and over:

“My brain is much more female than it is male. It’s hard for people to understand that, but that’s what my Soul is.”

When explaining it to his kids he said God was creating humans and thought:

“Let’s give him the Soul of a female, and let’s see how he deals with that…”

“For all intensive purposes I am a woman…my heart and Soul and everything that I do in life, it is part of me, that female side is part of me, it is who I am.”

Bruce’s story is the perfect example of the typical struggle between the plan of the Soul vs. the will of the ego. While most of us may not personally be dealing with gender identity issues, we all, as humans, can relate to the struggle to understand the hidden trajectory of our Soul’s plan for our life.

The ego is who we think we are. It is also made up of what society tells us we are. But who we really are is our Soul. And as Bruce Jenner is discovering, to know and identify yourself as your Soul takes massive inner work. It necessitates Soul searching–looking deeply within, to courageously discover and admit your truth. And because the Soul likes to test us (in order to allow us the knowing that comes from truly resonating with who we are next to any opposing force) –we usually have to fight for it.

So, whether you are scared to admit that your job is sucking you dry, your relationship isn’t working or your identity is female when your body is male, there is a standard process of metamorphosis that occurs on the path to shifting from ego identity to Soul identity.


  1. The Proof- Gathering Life Clues

The first step is to look at our lives as a cosmic jigsaw puzzle. What if the circumstances of our lives are on purpose? What if our limitations, challenges and “disabilities” all point to our destiny, dharma and purpose?

It takes heat to make a spark. What if your life challenges are the perfect kindling for your Soul fire to spark the flames of Love for the planet?

In Bruce’s case he was a motivational speaker. His life path caused him to stand before people urging them to overcome fear and “find that champion within.” He stated, “I had my little suit on and I would walk off the stage and I would feel like a liar. You’ve just got no guts…”

Wasn’t it ironic that Bruce Jenner was running from his truth while he was urging others to stand in theirs? Well, it was part of the Soul plan. We often teach what we are learning:

“My whole life has been getting me ready for this. My whole life has prepared me for this moment. So, I want to take advantage of it and I want to do the right thing and be true to myself.”

  1. The Test – (Admitting the Truth)

After we start to put the clues of our Soul plan together, we become conscious about what the big picture is. Then comes the next step, The Test.

The test is always a true test, because it is a test of courage. It is often terrifying and never a sure thing. Both literally and metaphorically, birth does not come without the risk of death. And in the case of transgendered people the truth can be quite literally life threatening. Murder, ridicule, violence are common for transgendered people. Because of our society’s harsh conditions, suicide rates are also extremely high. Transgendered teen Leelah Alcorn’s suicide note ended with the pointed request, “Fix society. Please.”

Bruce couldn’t bear the thought of enduring the rest of this life as male.

“If I die, which, I could be diagnosed next week with cancer and boom, I’d be gone…I’d be so mad at myself, that I didn’t explore that side of me. I don’t want that to happen.”

“You know what. It’s gonna be tough. I’ve been thinkin’ about this day forever and what I should do with my life. How do I tell my story? How do I tell people what I’ve been through. And that day is today…To be honest with myself.”

It leaked to the media that he was scheduled to get his tracheal shave to appear more feminine and the paparazzi showed up for his appointment.

“That night, I thought, ‘It’s over.’ I was walking up and down this hall back and forth all night long. Heart pounding,I thought, ‘Wouldn’t the easiest thing to do right now is go in the other room, get a gun. Pain is over. Done. Go to a better place.’And I thought, oh, I can’t do something like that. I mean, I want to know how this story ends.”


  1. Living the Truth- (accepting your Purpose)

The final stage is when we accept our true Soul identity and begin to live our truth. With this new identity comes surrender into the Soul plan and the courage to follow our inner messages.

“I’d always sit in church I’d always wonder, in God’s eyes how does He see me? I had this feeling, a kind of a revelation that, maybe, this is my cause in life, This is why God put me on this earth–to deal with this issue and that was a very powerful moment. It certainly gave me an awful lot of courage.”

“What I’m doing, is going to do some good. And we’re going to change the world, I really firmly believe that that, we’re going to make a difference in the world with what we’re doing, if the whole Kardashian show and reality television gave me that foothold into that world to be able to go out there and do something good, I got no problem with that….I would like to think we could change some lives here.”

I agree. Bruce’s whole life has helped him to be a messenger of change for the transgender community and bring true Love to the planet.

Bruce’s final message? “Have an open mind and an open heart. I’m not this bad person, I’m just doing what I have to do…I just want to have a free soul”.

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  1. Pam
    Monday, April 27th, 2015
    Thanks so much for writing and sharing this. You captured the interview beautifully. I have been thinking of him since watching it on Friday. He has given me new courage to find and truly live my soul plan. He is changing lives for sure. In ways he might not have even I imagined.
  2. Cindy Sirota
    Monday, April 27th, 2015
    I wish I could tell Bruce that now his only mission is to find love, laughter, and peace daily. The true way to inspire others is by following the heart of the soul and being in that happy place. No convincing, no ralleys, no more explaining. No poster child fighting for a cause. Just pure enjoyment of finding the happy ending! Be...the change.
  3. Joanna
    Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
    Way to go Elisa -- Sensitive & Inspiring comments! I haven't had an opportunity to read or see all the press concerning Bruce Jenner. I'm happy I read your take on it....feels good.....Hugs, Joanna
  4. Jacquelyn
    Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
    Wonderful insights, Elisa. I watched The Interview with great interest and awe at Bruce Jenner's courage. Your response strengthens my resolve not only to be open and supportive of transgender journeys, but to concentrate on my own Soul search. Thank you!
  5. Venera Di Bella Barles
    Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
    I learned a great deal more from that interview.
    I want to say first; Bruce must have had quite a battle within himself to allow folks to paw and maul his right to live his life as a woman. We seem to feel we, the public, have the right to judge EVERYONE - be it homosexuality, women's choices, who we should be with, the list is long and tiresome.
    I'd like to get off this earth knowing that we have progress in knowledge about some of these matters. Allow people to be who they need to be. We don't own anyone. Remember, when we gossip - we are judging.
  6. barb
    Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
    Well done - this is a lovely, inspiring article.
  7. Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
    ok MY OPINION is . Khloe is there to support her hunsabd i doubt Kris is really intrested into the game Kim same thing maybe Kanye probably intrested and Bruce sitten in the SECOND row!!!! Why were they making a big deal of the Second row!!