Love and Light to Japan

Posted March 17, 2011 in Healing / Self Care

Carolyn Myss wrote these powerful words in her latest newsletter:
“Human beings need to rethink their notion of power and most important of all, what type of power they are truly qualified to deal with, given that they have no concept of involving the Sacred in their work. If one were to truly reflect deeply upon matters of life and death, of power and ritual, one would realize that only a fool would tamper with nuclear power without the assistance of a holy guardian, shaman, or priest. I wonder how many of these “scientists” had the “presence of soul” to ask for blessings and the grace of protection around these power plants? Or how many of them can even conceive of their work within the template of acts that require partnership with the Sacred? But people who are working in the realm of “energy” are doing just that – they are working in the domain of the sacred, in the domain of the invisible … the realm of energy, thought, ideas.”

Mother Earth is a being. She has made her opinion known on nuclear energy. Hopefully we will get the message so that she does not need to send us another. It’s time to do some conscious manifesting.


If you are called to do so, please light a candle and join me in prayer:

We now hold vigil for all beings suffering in Japan.
It is with intention that I ask all loving spirits working for the highest good to make your presence known now in Japan.
I send illuminated blue healing energy of calming and clarity to the minds and souls of the courageous workers in the plant and to the humbled and exhausted families and citizens of Japan.
I now send white protective light of cooling around Fukushima’s Dai-Ichi plant.
It is through my human tears of suffering that I witness the images of countless young and elderly, struggling within this human drama that is currently unfolding. I ask for love and light to surround these souls and to speed healing and recovery to us all.
We are all interconnected. We are all one. Please ease us of our human suffering and remind us of the true reality in these dark times.
It is with gratitude that I connect to my highest self and follow my inner guidance in the midst of chaos.


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