Love IS Color

Posted July 8, 2016 in Healing / Self Care
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In the wake of all the horrifying news of racial violence I have been seeing a bunch of “I don’t see color” and “# all lives matter” social media posts.

Yes, for sure, we are Souls having a human experience–but it is serious spiritual bypassing to pretend that being brown/black does not significantly increase your chances of being beaten and/or killed–BECAUSE OF COLOR. So humans, we aren’t there yet. We don’t GET to pretend that color doesn’t matter. Of course, it SHOULDN’T matter, but right now it still (horrifyingly) f-ing does! And it is a huge insult to anyone experiencing the discrimination of color to pretend that it doesn’t matter right now.

As I wrote in my book ‘Meet Your Soul‘–“I was always bothered by the trend to wear ‘Love Sees No Color’ T-Shirts. Love sees color. Love MADE color. Love IS color. And Love loves, regardless of color. That doesn’t mean She doesn’t see it. I understand the intended message of the T-shirt, which is that Love does not discriminate. It may feel as if I am being picky with wording, getting caught in semantics, but this wording reflects to me exactly WHY we are not able to move beyond discrimination in our culture. It feels to me that we sorely underestimate Love if we think we need to become blind to be held by Her gaze. Love is not color-blind. Love is powerful 20/20 sight noticing the minute differences within the color spectrum as well as all forms of diversity. We do not get there by avoidance, denial, or blurring our unique attributes, talents, and gifts. Love is the fierce focus of consciousness. We are being called not to deny but to love more fully (p. 178).”

Come on humans, let’s step it up and answer the current call to HEART for real. Love to you all.

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  1. Le V
    Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
    Very grateful for this post. Diversity issues can only be addressed by hearing one another's perspectives with open heart and open mind - part of holding the tension and be with strong emotions that will arise. I loved Coates book: Between the World and Me as it broke my heart open to the realities of the suffering he experiences.