Do Love Spells Really Work?

Posted October 14, 2014 in Soul Dating & Love

Love is, by far, the most common topic that clients want to talk about during Soul Sessions. So it is not surprising that I  am frequently asked: “Do love spells really work?”


The short answer is yes.


Love spells are effective under the right circumstances and conditions, but the real question is not if they work, but how can they most optimally be working for you.


But before you break out your eye of newt…here’s my cautionary tale.


My Love Spell Story:


In my early 20’s I was single, living in San Francisco. At a gallery tour I met a sweet artist, recently relocated from Hawaii, who was also an incredible Mavricks surfer. We began dating and through the relationship I was introduced to the world of surfing. It was not long became my life became oriented around wave checks and surf trips. I became pretty obsessed and addicted to the feel of the power of the wave beneath me.


The relationship did not last, but my love of surfing did. Surfing became my spiritual practice: an incredible way to connect to nature while getting instant feedback on staying in the moment, or “the flow” (if you are in your head or future-tripping you will wipe out immediately). Professional surfers became my personal rockstars–water Gods schooled in the spirituality of the flow of life.


After my break-up with the artist, one of my best girlfriends, (also single), and I took a trip to Oahu. On the plane ride there I was reading a surfing magazine with one of those water Gods on the cover. I was sure this blond locked Poseidon was my dream man.


On the beach of the North Shore, my friend and I enacted a love spell. We burned some incense and stated our intentions at dusk. I visualized the man from the magazine and said I was ready to receive a romance with a guy just like the one on the cover.


It was much to my surprise that 15 minutes later, I was sitting with him at a restaurant down the beach.


After our love spell, we had headed down the street to grab some food. Shocked to see cover boy and his best friend sitting right next to the one open table, we sat down and ordered. Soon cover boys friend leaned over and asked us if we were from Oregon (creative opening line, btw). They said they had been guessing where we were from based on our style. We all began chatting it up and hit it off. And that’s how I began dating cover boy.


But the story does not end riding into the sunset on the white horse. Later, after cover boy came to visit in San Francisco, I realized something felt majorly “off”. It felt unorganic and forced. Our personalities were not really a match. In fact, I often found myself bored and uninspired by his overly simple outlook on life. I realized that the initial strong connection we shared was merely a result of the love spell we cast on the beach.


The moral of the story is the classic and age-old: “be careful what you wish for.” I discovered that the gift of conscious manifesting also comes with responsibility (and karma). If I could summon people, events and things into my life, I wanted to be doing it not just from a place of ego (hot surfer dude) but from Soul (a relationship founded on true Soul connection).


We are all incredibly powerful beings gifted with amazing spiritual abilities which shape our physical world, daily. Use them wisely.

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  1. Heather
    Friday, December 26th, 2014
    Love this... And you. :)
  2. Sumedha Roy
    Monday, May 1st, 2017
    I am in love with a person but he loves someone else. Can you make him love me and be with me forever?
  3. Bonita
    Sunday, April 12th, 2020
    I had fell in love this past yr with a native american guy named Mike. he lived in Arkansas and was a neighbor of a friend of mine."He also was an empath/medium". My story is a little lengthy, so i will cut some stuff out, Our love story is odd yet beautiful and unique. He saw my fb page and my words of sorrow for the loss of my dogs that i lost 2 months apart. He wanted to help me release their souls. Well 1 yr went by he moved back to TX to divorce his abusive wife and to follow his dream and start a sanctuary and i spent the yr healing. He would call my friend and ask about me, eventually we had planned on mtg in may this yr while he was in Cali for a wedding. He called my friend in January to tell her he was comming out to Arkansas the middle of February and ask for her help because he could not get me off his mind. He couldn't explain it but he felt my soul as i felt his and he wanted to call me and get to know me before May came. He was so happy and excited and i had no idea he was going to call. Well he wrote my friend a letter on Feb. 7, while at his ofc. but hadn't mailed it yet., He was excited about seeing her and also asking her to set up a phone call for him with me when he came out. Well,.... 4 days later feb 11, 2020 he was on a roof helping his nephew with his new house and the nephew slipped and hit Mike and they pluged down on some rebarr below and were killed instantly. I was devistated. I never laid eyes on him but i fell in love with his soul and all the kindness he showed me. He was my hero. He fought for animals like i did. He was perfect in every way. The Vet who shared an ofc with Mike,was packing his stuff up for his family & he saw the letter on his desk, all ready to go with a stamp but had never got mailed.... so he mailed it to my friend for Mike. This came a week after his death. When i read the letter i was so heart broken because he said things about me that melted my heart and was everything i had ever dreamed of. He was so planning on getting to know me and he wanted to start something with me. I knew he had been checking on me but not the debth of what his soul felt for mine. My heart sank and i'm left with love for a soul that is no longer here. I never even laid eyes on him. I just knew i loved him and all he stood for. I can honestly say i believe with all my being, that he was the one i had waited all my life for. As horrible as this is that he is gone, I am still so honored he picked me, and blessed to know my soul mate existed. I want so much with all my heart to connect with him. Being Native american he didn't allow photos. He felt it would trap his soul. I don't know what he even looks like i just know my soul longs for him. I am blocked and i can't clear my mind so that i can feel him or connect with him. I need help to clear my blockage. in his letter that he wrote he wrote about a negative entity that is binding me .I knew i was blocked due to depression but he confirmed it for me. As long as this msg is .... i still skipped alot of good parts that if you knew how it unfolded you would swear as my friend says: its the most unique love story ever told. Its the things you read in books or see in movies. Like the movie- Titanic. The song: My heart will go on" Thank you for letting me share.