My Book, “Meet Your Soul” is available!

Posted April 8, 2015 in The Soul & Life Purpose

Well, things have been super busy, but I wanted to officially let you know that my book, “Meet Your Soul” is out and available!


You can purchase it at your local bookstore, online through amazon, or I have listed some other options on my site here, (click “buy now” for other stores).

I could have never anticipated the depth of the spiritual experiences people are having while reading the book. My inbox is full (thank you so much for your messages and I am in the process of getting back to everyone). I am in awe, daily, reading emails detailing the vivid visions of their Souls, the unexpected tears from the free Soul meditations and the loving detailed advice received from Soul voice journaling (explained in the book).


The two words that I keep hearing over and over in response to the book: “Life changing.”

I had a strong intention from the beginning that this book was not to be conceptual. This book is meant to be an experience, a transmission, a permission slip and a dose of Truth Medicine to facilitate a personal and direct meeting with your Soul. We do not need more people talking about Soul. We already understand many of the intellectual concepts. What the planet needs is people embodying their Souls–that unique form of Love that is trying to live through them.

While writing the book, I asked Sophia, my Soul, what the impact of “Meet Your Soul” would be energetically for the planet. She showed me an image of the light bright toy I had as a child and how each person that connects to their Soul lights up internally, illuminating from within just as the tiny colored pegs that were punched through dark paper.


During my out-of-body experience when I was enveloped by the intense Love from my Soul, I realized that the only thing that matters when we cross over to the other side is: “To what degree was I truly being the energy of my Soul down there on the planet?

It may sound easy, but we face daily challenges like trauma and family programming that can lessen our connection to our most vibrant Soul self. In response to this discovery, I wrote this book to detail how to live your most authentic Truth in relationships, work and in connection to your Soul. That is the source of all real happiness. That is true spiritual success.

Below is a note from Sophia, my Soul, channelled, when I was in the process of writing “Meet Your Soul”.

Dear Beloved,

Everything is as it should be. Everything. Don’t give up hope. Know that I am here, always. It only takes looking in my direction to see me here loving you. This book is a love story. It’s about coming to trust Love and what you have always Known.

Think about why you Love. What you love to tell your clients. Just be true. Just say the truth.

The truth is that I am here. The truth is that you do know me. The truth is that you want others to know, too.

You want people to know of the unfathnomable depths of love that are always available to them. You want to loosen up the edges of the rigid paradigm that says this is crazy.

It is time. It is time. It is time.

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  1. Richard Stevens
    Sunday, April 19th, 2015
    Dear Elisa:

    I sent you an email of my story but think all of it did not go. Can you please let me know.


    Richard Stevens
  2. Thursday, June 14th, 2018
    Hi Hallo dear Elisa, YES - this is the language my soul is speaking too - simple - true - loving forward - AND - I wrote 5 minutes ago on facebook - like to come in communication with you - found You this night on YouTube - listen to your talk on your book "Meet Your Soul" - which is my issue on my first Online-Kongress. AND - I found you saying that you are doing a film - wonderful - I Am doing a film as well, with my partner Anya, on the connection with soul - to allow the dance - of the divine-human. So much similarities I found reading on your website - so touching, that my research for true "soul-allower" - leaded Me to You. AND - question - is your book available for the German version? - I Am exited - wants to meet You and Adam - looking forward - greetings from my Soul, alliswell Ulrich
    PS. my website will be made the next month ;-))