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Posted November 24, 2019 in The Soul & Life Purpose

My husband, Adam, and I have talked about creating a podcast for around 9 years. When we first came together it was clear that part of our Soul contract was teaching and sharing what we have learned through our relationship and parenting, with others. We wanted a place where we could freely explore topics close to our hearts.

So, join us on our podcast journey. We’re excited to connect to our Soul family in this new way. Please share with other like-hearted Souls who would benefit. 

This podcast is dedicated to those that sense more, see more, feel more and ultimately, want more. If surface-level living leaves you craving deeper meaning and purpose, join us, as we investigate what it truly means to be a Soul having a human experience. 

Bestselling author of Meet Your Soul, Elisa Romeo, is a licensed psychotherapist. Her husband, Adam Foley, had a spiritual awakening after experiencing the aftermath of a terrorist attack while living in India. Weaving the Holy with the Human, this husband and wife team are not only mystics–but parents who keep it real. 

Blending psychology and modern-day mysticism, we investigate the nitty-gritty of daily challenges, the creative process, relationship issues, parenting tips and awakening stories–all from a mystical perspective.

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