Posted November 14, 2015 in Healing / Self Care

The intention of any terrorist act is to create a climate of fear and chaos in which to gain control. Looking at the recent news there is valid reason to be terrified: Over 200 injured and 43 lives lost in Beirut, 26 killed in Baghdad and at least 128 killed in gunfire or blasts in Paris. It is tempting in the wake of grief, fear and heartbreak to blame, prove and argue. Yet, the terrorist wins the moment we take up sides and defend them.

When we are challenged by threats of fear are when we most need to respond with Love. Acting from Love does not mean to live in denial or naively disregard safety concerns–to act from Love is to remember to not only ask, “What can we do?” but also ask, “What can we BE?”

Model Love. Be Love. Choose Love.

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