Put Your Spirit Guides in their Place

Posted September 27, 2013 in Intuitive Training
Yesterday a client came to see me.  “Tell me about my guides.” She asked.
 “Well, do you know your Soul?”
“Ya, sure.”

I could tell she didn’t.

She knew she HAD a Soul. She knew her Soul as a concept.  Yet I could feel she didn’t know her Soul directly, intimately, literally and devotionally.  I could see her still searching externally for answers, not clear about how to tap into the wisdom that was pulsing through her body.

“If you do not have an intimate, close, consistent connection with your Soul, then I am not going to tell you about your guides.”
She looked at me, questioningly.
“I’ll tell you why,” I continued.
spirit guide
 I explained that spirit guides are great. They are helpful, and often their points of view on our lives can help us to get clarity and even stay out of physical harm. Yet guides never have more information than your Soul has. They do not know your Soul mission, and which of your current options are in your highest good—things your Soul knows.  Guides can be friends of the Soul, but they should never replace your primary source of intuition, direction and wisdom.
It is surprising to many people to hear that we actually have complete spiritual authority and can hire and fire our guides.  Often beings without bodies (like spirit guides) are given more power and authority than they perhaps deserve.  Spirits have varying degrees of spiritual development. When we die, or cross over, we are not necessarily immediately “enlightened”.  The life review, when we cross, helps us to spiritually evolve, but spiritual development continues on the other side. There are many spirits floating around on the 4-D (fourth dimension) that are spiritually short-sighted.  And some of these entities would love to get the “power hits” that come from a human ego worshiping and looking to them for guidance.
Many times I have seen individuals give their power over to what they interpret to be their guides, when really they are being manipulated and used by spirits that do not have their Soul’s mission as their utmost priority.  It is for this reason that I am more skeptical than most about handing all your power over to your guides.
Even angelic beings like Archangel Michael have an agenda.  The agenda may be completely loving, but all beings have a specific makeup and identity of their unique flavor of Love– their understanding of reality and God.  Every Soul has an agenda. Agenda is not necessarily a negative term; my Soul’s agenda is to connect you to your Soul.
The other often-overlooked truth about spirit guides is that not all spirit guides are who they say (or think) they are.  I have had several experiences myself of Beings who present themselves as “Angels of Light”. When I asked them to show me their true nature, they revealed as dark shape-shifters, or, as I call them, “assholes of the spiritual realm”.  (I like to joke, “You don’t need to HAVE an asshole, to BE an asshole.”)
Some spirits delude themselves into believing they are Jesus, when they are not.  (Just as there are humans here in mental health facilities that also have this belief). Why is it that the “channelings of Jesus,” all say vastly different things?  Which Jesus are they talking to?

Most entities of the True Light are not interested in ‘using’ a physical being to transmit their message to others.  They would rather work directly, while honoring the sovereignty of the individual Soul.  This is why I am very skeptical and picky about channeled material, and although I am a trans-medium myself and CAN channel, I do not. (There is a huge difference by the way, when you channel YOUR soul and when you channel ANOTHER entity.)  I would rather speak to the spirit from MY SOUL telepathically, rather than have that entity come into my body and use me for his/her own agenda.

Discerning and navigating an entity’s true intentions can be tricky and challenging. It is a higher level spiritual skill, so for people starting out and beginning to get in touch with their spiritual natures, my recommendation is to first begin talking to your Soul directly. Create a strong, consistent and trustworthy connection between yourself and your Soul.  I have lots of information on my website of how to practice and continue to build this connection.
I have also, many times, checked in with a client’s Soul, and the soul has informed us that She is not a fan of the guides that the ego has chosen to follow or worship.  Someitmes the Soul even shows me an image of being ‘held hostage’ while the ego is busy, enjoying its close connection with the dominating spirit guides. I am truly an advocate of your Soul.  If the spirits, goddesses and even the family members on the other side with which you are in contact do not serve Soul,  then they have got to go from your spiritual board of directors!
Why?  Because I trust your Soul.  Your Soul is the source of your divinity. God/Goddess/The Universe/The Great Hum—whatever you want to call it—doesn’t make mistakes. To me what God is, is the loving impulse behind how reality is showing up in this moment. You are absolutely where you need to be right now.  You are right on time for the Lessons your Soul is orchestrating and you are completely capable of choosing your unique flavor of Love in each opportunity that presents itself.
So, are guides all bad?  Absolutely not!  As long as you have clear direction from your Soul about how and when to take advice from your guides, than your guides can be great sources of comfort, assistance and support.  Remember: your Soul is just as divine and wise as any angelic being that you may call-in to guide your life.

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  1. Sarah
    Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
    I really like your concept on guides. Ive always had contact with a few from the other side, and this explains their differing takes on my life. I dont have contact "at will" like you as of yet, but when they do come through its strong and clear.
    Two of them are always trying to ward me away from eventful situations (which I appreciate), but one of them seems to find great humor in the situations I find myself in - just as I do myself. Shes repetitively come through saying, "I told them you could handle it, I told them it wouldnt break you!" She does so full of good hearted mischievousness and laughter. She seems to find the situations as comical as I do.

    They seem to come through most often just to hang out, I have lucid dreams where Im with them all night. I wake up in the morning feeling like I could live off air alone. Even though they havent delivered any sort of message I wake up feeling alive and fully entertained. I know it might sound crazy, but I think they work together to create beautiful dreams and scenarios just as gifts to me. The dreams dont seem to have a lesson beyond excitement, beauty, and camaraderie.
  2. Pamela
    Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
    Wow. What a beautiful post. I just found my way to your site and i want to let you know that you're post stopped me in my tracks. The world slowed down so I could soak in every word. What a refreshing perspective. I will be following and reading more of your insights, for sure!
  3. Erik
    Thursday, May 21st, 2015
    What a great and brillant explanation !
    I myself alway be careful with spirit guide and channeling !

    Really helpful for me at this time ! Thx

    Questions !
    What about the theory of soul recycling on earth and reincarnation being a trap ?
    Fearful paranoiac theory or a possibility ?


    Are Archangels and angels intelligent being or race from other planets "Aliens" "ET's" or direct messenger of God ?

    • Phillips
      Sunday, November 27th, 2016
      Erik, what have you received about the recycling being a trap? I have had strong feelings toward this recently, and in fact my helper(i don't know if it is my soul yet, or just a guide) seems to be interested in walking up a third entity in me, whether this is my soul or a third consciousness that is actually my true self, i don't know. What syncs with what you said is that this awakening of the third entity seems to come with the idea that it will break me out of my cycle. One time we just yelled and yelled for him to wake up and open his eyes to no avail. I told him that the game was over, and there was no longer any reason to stay asleep. (that part i said myself, going off an earlier idea, and my helper did not tell me to say this and did not elaborate further on that during contemplation) Later i was informed that it's no use, because he (my helper) has been trying to wake this other person up for a long time. I came to the conclusion that he is under ALOT of firewalls, so to speak and we will have to work together to get me ready to the point of waking him up myself. When telling him i don't know how to "open my eyes",
      My helper reminded me of several reoccurring dreams that i have had all my life... In these dreams i suddenly loose the ability to see, and it is painful, and i am always trying so hard to open my physical eyes that it ends up waking me up, or i wake myself up because it is too painfull and i can't see anything. He told me that i had been doing it wrong, and i have to open my imagination eyes, not my physical eyes. I assume this advice will help me to resume my dreams as normal, and i also wonder when that happens if it is a sign that he is near. I asked him last night if i could have one of those dreams again to practice with, but it didn't happen. Another lesson he taught me was how to use my imaginary arms to throw a fireball, much like super mario does. I said ok, and did it. He told me to describe what the fireball looked like (red) and what did it do after i threw it (it bounced away into the distance). This was my first experience using my imagination body instead of my physical body, and i thought for sure i would be able to do it again but it seems i really have to be under to feel it again.

      I have a feeling you asked her this question for a reason, so i hope you are able to respond to me
  4. Rory O Connor
    Tuesday, November 20th, 2018
    Its all aload of rubbish!
  5. John
    Thursday, June 25th, 2020
    Your writings are a goldmine! It's so difficult to find psychics and mediums who are as grounded and well informed.

    I'm devouring everything you've written (with discernment, of course). Thank you!