The Solar Eclipse & Black Lives Matter

Posted August 16, 2017 in Healing / Self Care

It has taken me three days of a migraine to process and articulate the horror that has been energetically fueling our nation this past week.

As we head into this intense solar eclipse, the density is thick with projection and polarization. It can be a time of massive release and healing if we can align with Love consciousness.

It only takes a brief stroll down the comment section of any recent news article to be filled with despair and rage. I realized I have a platform to say some things that unfortunately still need to be said:

This white woman wants to say that Black Lives Matter is not a hate group. As long as black lives are hated, it’s a survival group. Be alert to media (and presidents) that paint this group as terrorists. #BlackLivesMatter does not mean that other lives do not. It literally means that Black. Lives. Matter. If you cannot say it, I implore you to look at why. Bring Love to whatever wounds are under that scab. Maybe these are places you feel powerless, ignored or minimized. Bring healing to this pain.

We live in a racist world. That means that we all are subject to the indoctrination of our surroundings. There are places where I am unconsciously racist. And misogynist. And materialist. Soul work is not only about getting what you want, it is about becoming WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. And we are meant for Love. We are meant to become LOVE. This work is a full-time, inner J.O.B. That is why I write about wrestling the gremlins and Jung’s idea of shadow work while holding the tension of the opposites to transform into the transcendent third function.

As spiritual warriors we need to watch out for the temptation to:

1) DENY: “Love sees no color.” — (I write about why this is not helpful in “Meet Your Soul” p 177.)

2) SPIRITUAL BYPASS: “I am not going to harsh my vibe by ‘lowering’ it to the energy of this racism conversation.” True Light Workers do not need to avoid they TRANSFORM.

3) EITHER/OR THINKING INSTEAD OF BOTH/AND: We need to work on our collective critical thinking skills. We can care about black lives AND cops. We can be advocates AND take care of ourselves. We can preserve our history WHILE ALSO continuing to update the NOW.

4) SEPARATE ACTIONS FROM PEOPLE: (The current president needs lots of work on this one.) It is not about “bad people” it is about “bad behaviors”. We can change our behaviors but we cannot change who we are. I am not mad at you, I am mad at what you said–I am mad at that line of thinking. I am mad at the energy that surrounded you your whole life to internalize that that thinking was acceptable.

Soul journaling, if done correctly (being willing to surrender ego for Soul), develops all of the above four principles.

Brene Brown’s work on guilt vs. shame is another incredibly helpful tool for more understanding. I use her work to guide my parenting with my children: When you purposely dump water all over the kitchen floor to turn it into a slip ‘n slide—I am not mad at you, I am mad at your actions.

We cannot hold a vision for healing and unity as a species if we cannot hold space for the potential of the loving SOUL’S that we have the potential to be and ultimately ARE.

And for the empaths who are feeling this planetary energy intensely in the body–remember to sleep, breathe, ground, journal, eat, feel, take breaks from feeling and reach out for support.

Peace and Love, Soul Family.