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Posted June 30, 2016 in Healing / Self Care



I have been surviving between the worlds recently. Living between the ‘old way’ and the new, still-birthing thing. The old way is not, by any means, bad. This is why it is so hard to leave it behind. The old way is tried and true and culturally safe, understood and identifiable. The old way is my psychotherapist self—supporting safe boundaries and active reflective listening. The old way is born from my empathetic care and relationship to others. It wants to hold hands and hold space and hold duality and hold open all explorations of reality. The old way requires a lot of holding. The old way IS holding.


The new way is not at all interested in holding. She is all transmission and heart. She does not explain. The moment She explains She dies. This absolutely breaks my heart for those who think they need the explanation–Those who do not understand and, more accurately, those who cannot FEEL. Call it low Emotional Quotient (EQ), environmental trauma or chock it up to a calcified pineal gland—but the thickness of the collective mind-density is overwhelmingly heavy. How much of our human race has completely lost the ability to trust heart-feeling over head-information?


The new way is a radical disregard for the ego comfort of all involved. There is no more time for all that careful ego reflection–Ice caps are melting, Trump is trumping and Brexit is in exit. The extremity between the density of the lower denomination and the incarnation of the invisible kingdom are wrestling on the mat. We need all the heart muscle we can muster. It is time to transmit and resonate and shift the balance of the poles. This is not a blind faith but an embodied “YES” to the longing we all recognize that lives between all thoughts.


With the intensity of the extreme duality rising, the poles become more and more charged—extreme attraction and repulsion on steroids. This lack of a stable center makes it very temping to become swept up in the surrounding hysteria or fundamentalism. The challenge is to stay grounded and loose—open and unattached– to egoic desires to understand, nail down or prove positions.


This morning after driving my son to camp, I shared with my husband the pain of this between-worlds limbo. He reminded me of the ego and Soul section of my very own book I had written two years prior: “The ego is prerecorded; the Soul is live. That is why it’s easy to understand the ego, but the Soul is a constantly changing entity, and if you want to watch the program, you have to stay tuned.” (p.22 “Meet Your Soul”.)


The image of a tuning fork immediately came to mind. My cosmic job at this turbulent time is to allow the intensity of the world to hit the unique length of my Soul prongs and simply resonate my pitch from that frequency. I do not need to change all of the world, I only need to STAY TUNED to my own pitch. It is a full time job to release the extra overtones, allow the discordance to fade and find the most True pitch that wants to ring out.


We no longer have time for navel-gazing narcissism or an ego-padded story. In truth, I guess we never did. We cannot afford to talk about Being anymore, it is time to BE.

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  1. DeeDee
    Thursday, June 30th, 2016
    Elisa, your email dropped at just the right time for me. Something is shifting in me. Today I feel like I"m moving into a new way of being. I don't really even have the words for it but I am going to pick up your book again. Thank you for sharing your heart! ~ DeeDee
    • Friday, July 1st, 2016
      Thanks for commenting DeeDee! Big SHIFTS going on for sure!
  2. Dana
    Friday, July 1st, 2016
    Ok......HOW? How do we transition from Old world to New?
    • Friday, July 1st, 2016
      Soul journaling helps me to stay in my body and not attach to external fears or concepts. That and meditation are great supports for my "How". But I always advise people to ask their Soul's for their own particular "How"s as well. Sometimes it can look a lot different than we expect. XO
  3. Friday, July 1st, 2016
    Yes! Well translated. Thank you for expressing this tension. It is thick in the air. It's time to stop talking about being and BE. Beautiful!

    Rock on Elisa! Your Soul is really something!!
    • Friday, July 1st, 2016
      Hi Faith!! The tension is thick for sure! I'm sure you are navigating it beautifully. :) XO
  4. Friday, July 1st, 2016
    Thank you Elisa! The duality of the supercharged poles does seem quite evident and I can feel it resonating within myself. I've just recently documented some deep down fears that seem to drive my ego and attempt to keep me in check with guilt and regret. The shift to saying the ultimate yes does seem enormous but I feel growing in my awareness of why I feel the way I do will help to free me, even if it seems like such baby steps. I've loved reading your book once, have gone back for references, and am reading it again with new learnings! Thank you again Elisa, it's so great to know souls like you are with me on this! :)
  5. Lisa
    Friday, July 1st, 2016

    I shared an excerpt from your well-crafted and comforting blog post grabbed me like a bright, flashing, NEON light that said: Lisa, you need to let Elisa know and work with her.

    Here it is:
    I have been surviving between the worlds recently. Living between the ‘old way’ and the new, still-birthing thing. The old way is not, by any means, bad. This is why it is so hard to leave it behind.

    From the above excerpt can you elaborate on "still-birthing thing". I can't tell you why but it's important that I know more about this.

    Thank you for sharing for your words and authenticity.

  6. Terace
    Saturday, July 2nd, 2016
  7. Saturday, August 20th, 2016
    Hey .. It's happening. Come down to LA a few times a year . sit in an Agape service can feel it. No it's not the norm .....Yet ....but thank God we know about it and are supported .....when we reach out. You are a Maverick and that's got to be a wonderful feeling ! Yippee