The Soul of Astrology

Posted November 24, 2013 in The Soul & Life Purpose

I was recently asked how I feel about astrological predictions combined with soul work. This is a wonderful (and potentially complex) question. My goal with all Soul work is to empower, inspire and enlarge the viewpoint of my client. Astrology can be a great tool to help expand our idea of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


Astrology is incredibly easy to write-off because of its massively oversimplified and misunderstood reputation in mainstream culture. There is way more involved in an astrological chart than your sun sign (i.e. if you are a Leo or a Capricorn). There are 11 other major planets besides our Sun sign that influence our birthchart, not even counting the other factors like the houses of the signs and the aspects (or relationships between) the planets. Learning astrology is like becoming fluent in a foreign language. You can spend years fine tuning, and at times you feel like the more you are learning the more you don’t know. I find that the “master readers” really have an intuitive gift as well as a deep respect for the archetypes of the planets.

The first experience I had with astrology was a shocking one. I had no understanding of astrology and went in blind and not really expecting much to come from the reading. The reader, David Shepard, asked for my name and birth date and that is all the information he had about me. At the time of our appointment he called and told me he had studied my chart.

“Do you know,” He began.

“That you have 3 planets (The Sun, Mars and Mercury) conjunct (on top) of each other in the first house, (the house of the head), in the sign of Capricorn?  That magnifies the power of each of those planets making them incredibly strong in your personality. The sun represents your personality and identity, Mars the warrior planet and Mercury the archetype of ideas and communication. You are a strong thinker, a warrior of ideas, a pioneer of the psychological realms. All of that powerful energy (combined with your unaspected Moon in Sagitarius, which regulates your hormones, over there hanging out in psychic and dark side of the moon land) creates alot of pressure in your head and body. So…you have hormonal migraines, I take it?”

I was shocked. Why, yes, I do have crippling hormonal migraines that are completely genetic to my family. Crap, does that mean I am screwed for life? I thought I could heal myself of this issue.

He went on, “Healing is always possible, but you have a predisposition, archetypally and planetarily to that medical issue.”

Instead of limiting, catastrophizing and pigeonholing me, the astrologist shared truths that helped to expand, clarify and empower me on the road to healing.

I had the pleasure of having an incredible professor at my psychology graduate school named Richard Tarnas, PhD. Rick, as some people call him, is a phenomenal mind, heart and human being. Richard is one of the most gifted thinkers I have shared breathing room with. I used to call him “Tarno-pedia” because his ability to bust out relevant facts, dates and stories from all throughout history is truly astonishing. Besides being an incredibly well-read intellectual, he is also a deep and profound thinker. And what is most important is that his work and thoughts are backed by kindness, patience and heart.


He explained to me that astrology is not about causation (i.e. I was born at 3:45 so that makes me act this way) but that we are beautiful reflections of the heavens in manifest form on the planet (as above, so below). Like a hologram, where any piece contains elements of the whole picture, we also reflect the beauty of the Divine Universe in which we live.

Richard’s intro to archetypal astrological analysis is a great primer to the mythic and overarching patterns behind the planets.

All of his Richard’s heavy-hitting books are highly recommended:

The Passion for the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas that Have Shaped Our World View

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View

Prometheus the Awakener: an Essay on the Archetypal Aspects of Uranus

I also recomend as a great place to begin to understand the workings of your chart. They have free interactive charts (under astroclick portrait) where you can begin to get a sense of the the dynamics of the aspects which play a major role in the overall gestalt. All’s you need is the time of your birth and your location. (They figure out the latitude/longitude for you.)

I also recommend any and everything by astrologist and psychologist Liz Greene. She has a Jungian background and a firm grasp of the mythic and archetypal elements to the planets.

So, to sum up, I see astrology like I do my own Soul readings: the goal is to expand and not limit, to empower and not predict, to open instead of close.  When astrology is used in this way it can most definitely help us find clues relevant to our Soul path, empowering us with choices and understandings of our unique and Divine inherent nature.


  1. Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
    Thank you so much for that beautiful explanation! I am an astrologer, at first I was very curious and also afraid of it, when some heavy predictions on my kin´s charts became real... but then I found Robert Hand´s work and Howard Sasporta´s and found that learning about your chart is not knowing your dooming fate beforehand but a very special opportunity to know what you came to experience and learn and do it willingly, to support consciously your purpose without being so scared, to know your inner cycles and how to honor them. Thanks to Robert Hand I changed most predictions in my own chart to a higher archetypal manifestation and so I decided to study astrology in the Faculty of Astrology at London and expand people´s lives with my readings. Yet hearing it through your voice it sounds much better, Sometimes I fall into feeling I should do more.
    By the way, I too have Sun and Mars in Capricorn, only in the 11th and 12th houses. Has Pluto conjuncted yours yet? It was a blast! A beautiful opportunity for renewal, I intend the same for you.
    Ana Elena