This (Unexpected) Movie is My New Guide to Life

Posted February 10, 2016 in Intuitive Training

My mom (a trained mathematician) often has a hard time explaining to her friends what I do for a living. “You daughter talks to dead people?” “She sees energy?” “She’s psychic???” “She helps incarnate Souls?? What does that even mean?”.


So I was happy to inform her yesterday after a matinee showing with my 7-year old: “From now on if anyone is confused about what I do, just tell them to go see Kung Fu Panda 3.”


I’m not even kidding. Kung Fu Panda was probably the most spiritually validating and reflective movie I have ever seen. I had to take my (psychic and energetically sensitive) husband to the late night showing to share my new obsession with him. We talked about it until one in the morning.


Here are some of the themes the movie covers: mindfulness meditation, duality (good vs. evil, yin/yang), chi energy (life-force), the power of intention and prayer, communicating with the other side, multidimensionality, the astral plane, astral travel, how to find your life’s purpose, Soul embodiment, claiming your spiritual potential and the process and activation of Christ-consciousness.


(When I say Christ consciousness I mean the spiritual process of incarnating our higher-Love selves into and through the density of our messy human physical lives–a task assigned to all of humanity and not an opinion or belief about Jesus the man and spirit—‘Christ’ as title or the process of ‘Christ-ing’.)


As a parent, always looking for ways to spiritually engage my two boys, I am thrilled with this movie. It is a beautiful and fun way to help develop their spiritual selves. (It is such a visually beautiful and fun way to activate developing spiritual schemas.) And as a human, I am excited that this movie can raise consciousness and introduce these esoteric concepts into mainstream society.


I don’t know if the screenwriters set out to write a vibe-raising spiritual manifesto, but I do believe that the Truth is archetypal and universal, and this often seeps into great art (be it painting, dance or animated fiction.)  It is pretty common knowledge that the Star Wars movies carry the archetypal themes from the work of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey; they are rough maps for navigating good and evil through the Jungian idea of individuation and Christ Consciousness.  This popular response to universal and archetypal themes is why Star Wars is so deeply loved. (Other universally archetypal shout-outs: Harry Potter and The Matrix.)

The movie has the most beautiful animated imagery and the villain, Kai, has an epic theme song, which is my new favorite riff. Seriously, it’s the jam.



I am currently working on a body of work covering Soul incarnation and embodiment that will most likely go into the form of a mystery school course. I will probably explain some quite abstract esoteric topics using examples from the movie. (What a great teaching tool!) So hit up a late night showing (if you want to avoid loud children) or take your kids to a matinee and check out this gorgeous movie while it is on the big screen. I look forward to breaking it down with you in the future.


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  1. Dorothy Fransece
    Tuesday, February 16th, 2016
    Every picture is beautiful and message in it.
  2. Chantale Paruit
    Monday, February 29th, 2016
    It sounds like this film is a must for our new 3D TV!
    My partner and I really enjoyed the first one we just happened to catch so I am now most intrigued to see number 3, although we'll have to watch number 2 beforehand. Just as well I am working on being able to sit for long enough and concentrate quietly for long enough to enjoy watching films at the moment!
  3. Katra Kindar
    Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
    Listening at this moment to you and Christiane Northrup on Hay House Radio.
    Finding such resonance in your work. But the thing that nailed it for me was your review of Kung Fu Panda 3! I watched this movie with my 9 yo and 5 yo grandsons on the day it came out and we all agreed that it is our new favorite movie of all time!!!! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to talk my grown up friends into seeing the movie….so thank you for confirming why this movie is so much fun and soul affirming.
  4. Lia H.
    Monday, August 12th, 2019
    I appreciate your commentary and connection to popular culture here Elisa. Making soul work a part of a schools curriculum seems essential to a wholistic view of health. It's amazing how adult friendly, empowering (thinking the remake of Aladin here) and intelligent supposid children's movie's are. Thank you for your work!