Upcoming Workshop July 17 in San Francisco!

Posted June 21, 2010 in Empath Empowerment

I am so excited to announce I will be coming to San Francisco for a fun workshop on July 17, 2010! You can sign up online through The Yoga Loft website (click on Workshops and Events). I am so excited for this workshop! I have been kicking around this idea for a long time. Prepare to have a truly life changing experience while laughing until your face hurts. Enter to win a free scholarship the workshop by writing a true essay regarding your most funny or absurd energy experience. Details below.

Energy 101: Why I Feel So Icky When You Are Near Me
With Elisa Romeo

Saturday, July 17, 2pm-4:30pm


Talking about energy is kind of like talking about breathing. Or math. We’re aware of it but often let it remain a mystery; or something out of our control, something not meant to be understood.

Yet, energy is pervasive. And very alive. And something that we can examine, manipulate, move and shift. After a brief intro on our perspective of energy, energy work, psychic stuff, intuition, the spirit world, etc., we’ll explore why working with energy is so liberating, why we both crave and repel presence, how authentic boundaries are our best friend and how working in the subtle realm is actually an effective tool for embodiment.

This afternoon includes:

Exercises to Differentiate Thinking from Feeling and Mental Activity from Intuition

-Examples of How Energy Can Distort our Reality

-Partner Work to Explore, Test and Validate What you are Sensing

-Meditations/Practices to Use at Home for Personal Energetic Hygiene and Keeping your Space Cootie Free

*You can register via email here or sign up online on the workshop page of the Yoga Loft’s website. Note that there is a Scholarship to this workshop for one student that delivers an essay on their most hilarious energy experience. The only guidelines are that it is a “true” story and that you give us permission to read it out loud in this class.

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