The Soul Vision of Woodstock

Posted February 27, 2011 in The Soul & Life Purpose


Several years ago I was watching a Woodstock documentary with behind-the-scenes-footage and became captivated by a hippy who I kept noticing. He was one of the main organizers of the event and they showed him  zipping around on his motorcycle before-hand setting things up for the concert.

During the concert, it became apparent that the fences were not keeping the kids out and thousands of people were getting in free to the show. This guy, the organizer, had such a great energy. He seemed totally calm and centered and said something along the lines of “Financially this is a total disaster but personally, this is the greatest day of my life.” You could tell this guy was going to be held responsible for the financial nightmare that was going down around him. I remember thinking how lucky this man was to have something so powerfully guiding him that in the face of financial ruin he could remain in the moment and aware of what a beautiful thing was going on that day.
I googled him trying to find his name and what ever happened to this baby-faced curly-haired hippy. I found out his name was Michael Lang. So a week ago, I am walking around the local library and ask Source (or God/Goddess/Sophia, whatever you want to call it), to lead me to the next book that I am meant to read. And lo and behold, there in front of me, I am lead to the book “Road to Woodstock: From the Man Behind the Legendary Festival” by Michael Lang. I didn’t even know he had written a book and could find very little information about him online previously. I was so excited to read the story of how this revolutionary put together this concert, I was not surprised to discover that here was a true story of a man’s journey in finding his own Personal Legend.
The book is filled with his struggles and triumphs around putting together the 3-day event that would go down in history as a non-violent and peaceful gathering of a record amount of people. What I loved about the book was how Michael stayed true to his vision for the festival on practical issues like how to handle security (based on a model of peace) or who he would hire to work on the event. He even planned a surprise in the middle of the festival for a plane to fly overhead and shower everyone with flower petals. There are lots of tidbits of how synchronicities worked in his favor when things seemed impossible to come together. He is proof that when we follow our Soul’s call, the universe conspires to create beauty on the planet.

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