The Good Vibe Workshop

Posted July 20, 2010 in Empath Empowerment

Wow! What an amazing weekend. I just got back from San Francisco where I was blessed to be with a courageous (and larger than we predicted!) group of beautiful people. I held my first Energy 101 class (The Good Vibe Workshop) at The Yoga Loft SF.


We discussed how we are all vibrational beings, or spiritual being, in physical bodies and how we can learn to feel, see and understand this energy that is always moving through us and to each other. Some people introduced themselves as being new to energy…but no one is new to energy. We may be new to the idea of energy, but we are all magnificent co-creators of energy and masters of interpreting energy. We are just like the animals– we can sense who is dangerous and who is safe. (Though we might not always follow our intuitions.) We are constantly “reading vibes” to understand other people and our surroundings. Most of this goes on below the surface of awareness. It is like being on auto-pilot. One of the benefit of these classes is about making that awareness conscious; then through this consciousness we are able to make decisions that empower us and give us more options.Once we realize we are vibratory beings we can start to think about what vibration we are emitting! This is much different than what we are saying and feeling, although these can be indicators to us and others of our vibration. When we realize this is a vibratory universe (in that everything is energy–starting at the energy of thought all the way from the denseness of the energy in physical matter) we can then consciously “line up” with the things, feelings and people we want to be within our vibration. Then we get to drink up the delicious experience of feeling aligned with the universe and weird synchronicity’s (meaningful coincidences) begin to occur. The perfect book seems to fall off the shelf next to you with information of where you are on your spiritual journey or an amazing teacher or friend shows up out of nowhere that answers the questions you were previously struggling with. Then life gets really fun!

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