Who do you think you are?

Posted May 18, 2011 in The Soul & Life Purpose

Here is just a little snipet from an amazing spiritual teacher, Adyashanti. I love Adya for being so grounded and present while also being extremely connected. I have been thinking about all of my clients recently. My clients are nurses, stay-at-home moms, businessmen, therapists, authors, screenwriters and artists. What they all have in common is they want to know the Truth. I know that is a loaded word, because it implies that there is only one truth with a capital “T”. And as much as I believe not one truth is right for everyone, there is one truth that is right for you. Your individual Soul truth that is trying to reach out and grab you at every moment in the day. It is speaking to us through our headaches, ulcers, premonitions, insomnia, accidents, synchronicity and dreams. You do not need to be “special” or “evolved” to hear your Truth. You just need to have the courage and make the choice that you want to hear it more than you want to hear anything else. Divine prioritizing.

Here is a video of Adyashanti speaking on how to be spiritual you do not need to be special.

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