Awakening From The Heart

How do I know if I am ready to attend?

The Awakening from the Heart retreat is a unique weekend to embody Soul. This is not purely an intellectual or conceptual weekend but an opportunity to become deeply intimate with your Higher Self. You know you are ready if you have an awareness of Elisa’s work (such as her Soul journaling technique), are ready to get in touch with your feelings and are called to attend. Some people come who are more new to the work and others have been working with Elisa for years–what they have in common is a deep commitment to live their lives from Soul. 

How many people attend?

The Awakening the Heart retreat caps off at 25 people.

Is there a deadline to register by?

There is not an official deadline but spaces will fill up. If you are planning on coming to a retreat in the summer, I highly recommend getting your lodging 3-months in advance. All of the hotels and air b n b’s book up quickly because it is the height of wedding season and very popular to come to the island during our best weather in the summer (consistently 75 degrees and sunny at the end of July/early August).