Meet Your Soul

A Guided Audio Meditation with Elisa Romeo


Your soul is the oldest, wisest and always-loving part of yourself. She is the you, outside of your stories and beliefs, that exists behind your ego. She is the accumulation of all the wisdom and experience that you have gathered over lifetimes.

Living a soulful life is about receiving and surrendering to the Soul’s “marching orders”. It’s about placing the Soul as the North Star of your life and learning to orient around Her mission for you. Then, the ego becomes her trusty assistant, her faithful devotee. You get out of your own way and learn to ask how you can best serve her, daily. You can’t serve her and be her hands and heart in the world if you don’t know and love her.

This meditation is a chance to spend time with Her. When you surrender to living the life your Soul wants, you begin to live your life on purpose—connected with the flow of the universe, fully alive. You then claim the truly unique and authentic myth of your life.

Know that You are on purpose. You are meant to be here. The world longs for you to be your full expression. Your Soul has never left you. Your mistakes have not trapped you but serve as kindling for your authenticity. It is never to late to let go and fall into who you truly are, always will be and have always, been.

This, 18-minute audio file, is filled with energetic power-packed Soul reminders, including content on what the Soul is and what it is not. It closes with a calming, guided 6-minute meditation. Every time you listen strengthens your ability to see, hear and feel Her.

(After purchase you will be immediately sent an email with an mp3 download link. Please note you have 5 attempts to download the file to your computer before the link expires, you then will have the link permanently on your computer to access for future meditations.)