The “Power Reset” Meditation

A Guided Audio Meditation with Elisa Romeo


This meditation is geared towards those highly sensitive empaths who are energetically skilled but often overwhelmed. When we are sensitive energetic chameleons we can easily become bombarded by other people’s (and sometimes spirits) energies. Using the breath as a natural healer, this meditation is necessary self care for those in need of energetic detox. The conscious energy work of breath through the body is healing for those of us who spend much of the day with tight muscles hunched over a computer. This meditation is also great for codependency issues and covers the basic energetic hygiene on how to create loving boundaries and send others essential energy back to them with Love. This one is a game changer.

This is an 11-minute audio file, created to give you a quick and powerful energy boost. Each time you listen you experience a major dose of energetic healing.

(After purchase you will be immediately sent an email with an mp3 download link. Please note you have 5 attempts to download the file to your computer before the link expires, you then will have the link permanently on your computer to access for future meditations.)