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Soul Sessions

Your Soul is the loving pulse behind your physical beating heart. She is the incarnate of the immeasurable in your chest. She is the feeling of the incomprehensible bigness that you are.

She is always Loving and patient. She is not always gentle, and at times can leave us humbled, but this candor is executed from potent Love energy. If it isn’t coming from Love, it isn’t Her. When you experience the phenomenon of synchronicity, and time slows to the eternal pause between heartbeats, She celebrates. In that moment you have cleared the lens of your glasses just enough to get a glimpse of Her.

The Soul is an entity and She exists simultaneously, right now, in another dimension. She longs to be known by you and comfort and support you in the normal struggles of daily life.

Your Soul has a plan. She sees your best, most vital self. She holds that vision when you do not. She knows what your essence wants to express here on planet earth and she knows it is worthy. She can hear your song and she knows that the world needs it. She knows that you need it, too.

When we allow Soul permission from the ego to enter and guide the physical body and personality, we are no longer alone. After we make this contact, this connection alleviates suffering. We finally understand the meaning of the events in our lives. Random accidents are no longer random. We make room for Sacred Space and the reality of Synchronicities or “Meaningful Coinincidences” in our lives. A new level of beauty appears as we begin to experience the universe as intelligent and sacred. We feel our Soul’s co-creation intimately and directly and relax into the Soul’s Orchestration of all the events in our lives.